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Who are we

Based in Rochdale, Greater Manchester, Creative Marketing (NW) Ltd was founded by Kasim Javed, a business entrepreneur in 2017, Creative Marketing (NW) Ltd is quickly becoming a thought leader in modern digital marketing methodologies and strategy.

Driven by data science

Unlike other specialist agencies that mainly focus on delivering their service, we place a high level of importance on “marketing strategy”, before delivering a plethora of marketing services. With so many online advertising options available, we believe each client should invest in a strategy that will generate the fastest return in the least amount of time and that is suitable for their current marketing budget. Our agile marketing approach has allowed us to have a high client retention rate and work closely to build businesses, not just clicks. We’re guided and driven by data science over superficial campaigns concerned more about return on investment, than PR and vanity metrics.

Our Values

Our carefully built team, all based here in the UK, are experts in their fields and have worked for Creative Marketing (NW) Ltd since inception. Whilst we recognise it’s impossible to retain high quality staff forever, we’re certainly doing a good job in this regard, by building self-motivated individuals who view all their work as means to self-development and high service delivery.

A full-service marketing solution

We offer a full-service marketing solution for businesses, whatever the size including building brands from scratch for startups and SMEs, to scaling multi-million pound international brands. Our super attention to detail and carefully crafted marketing strategies help to ensure the perfect balance between budgets, ROI for all of our clients. Our service offerings include professional paid advertising management, search engine optimisation, social media management, general banding design services as well as bespoke website design and software development. We’re a one-stop shop for all your digital marketing needs and the culmination of our talented staff and client experience across various sectors helps us to confidently deliver meaningful results.

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