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20 Pinterest Statistics of 2024

Video marketing has become an essential aspect of any brand’s marketing strategy in today’s digital era. It is an incredibly effective tool to engage and connect with your target audience, and this is something that is going to help you considerably when building brand awareness and trying to drive conversions.

There has been a stark rise in video-sharing platforms such as TikTok, Instagram Reels, and Facebook video, as well as YouTube marketing as well. And this makes it easier than ever to produce and distribute video content.

In this blog post, we will check out 9 simple steps that are going to make video marketing work for you, along with up-to-date information and statistics that are going to help you understand the importance of making video marketing work well for you.

Step 1: Define Your Objectives

One of the best places to start before you create any video content is making sure you have a clear understanding of your objectives. What are you looking to achieve with your video marketing strategy? Is it a case of building awareness, driving traffic to your eCommerce website, or lead generation?

According to Wyzowl, 80% of video marketers say video has directly helped to increase their sales. This is why it is so important to come up with a strong video marketing strategy to be able to integrate into your marketing campaign. Defining your objectives to help create content that resonates with your audience and helps secure sales.

Step 2: Know Your Target Audience

The success of your video marketing will depend heavily on how well you know and understand your target audience. It’s essential to know who they are, what their interests are, as well as their pain points and buyer behaviours. Being able to gain a deeper understanding of your audience is absolutely essential when it comes to creating content that resonates with them.

A study conducted by Hubspot found that 54% of consumers want to see more video content from the brands they support. Creating video content that speaks to your target audience is bound to yield positive results, and help to build a loyal following among your customers.

Step 3: Choose Your Video Wisely

Choosing the type of video you wish to use is incredibly important for helping you to market your video more effectively to customers. There are different types of video content you can create depending upon your objectives with your target audience, and these are some of the most popular types:

  • Explainer videos: These videos explain how your product or service works, as well as how it can benefit your target audience.
  • Brand videos: These videos use corporate filming to tell the story of your brand, and establish a connection with customers.
  • Product demonstration videos: These videos showcase your product or service and how it works, highlighting its features.
  • Testimonial videos: These are videos that highlight satisfied customers and let them share their experiences with your brand.
  • How-to videos: Very common and popular, these videos often appear on YouTube, and are used to provide step-by-step instructions on how to use a product or service.

Choosing the ideal type of video is essential for getting the right outcome, and tailoring video content to appeal to the right target audience as much as possible.

Step 4: Plan Your Video Content

Being able to plan your video content out as effectively as possible is essential for allowing you to connect with them on a deeper level. Video marketing is storytelling, and storytelling has transformed modern marketing because it helps build emotional connection. This is why it is vital to make sure you plan out your video content as well as you can, and get the best possible outcome.

Creating a content calendar to help you plan your video content in advance and to ensure you have a consistent posting schedule. Keeping things concise is also incredibly important, and, as reported by Tribe of Brands, 8 seconds is the average attention span for humans, so it is vital to keep this in mind. Every video should also have a call-to-action involved as well, and this is something you need to keep in mind as much as possible.

Step 5: Produce Video Content That Has Value

Producing high-quality video content is essential for making your video marketing successful as much as possible. Professional TV production and filming is a key component of this, and making sure you get quality equipment is something that can help with this. So, you need to invest in the right lighting and sound equipment to be able to improve this as much as possible.

Being able to produce content that has value for your viewers is hugely important, and this is something that you need to try to make the most of as much as possible. Producing video content is something that is going to have a profound impact on your business, and this is something you’ll need to improve as much as you can.

Step 6: Optimise Your Videos for SEO

Being able to optimise your videos for SEO services is crucial to ensure your target audience can find them more easily. There are a lot of key tips that you need to consider when it comes to optimising your videos as much as possible, and this is something to get right as best you can. Trying to get the best possible outcome from this process is something that you need to focus on when it comes to optimising your videos more effectively.

According to stats, 66% of consumers have actively searched for video content to find out more about a brand, and this is why it is essential to optimise your video content as best you can. There are loads of excellent ideas that play a part in this, and you have to make sure you do the best you can to optimise and make the most of your videos.

Almost 2% of internet users state that Pinterest is their favourite social media site, and it’s clear the platform has plenty to offer. Looking at some of the best ideas that are going to help you use Pinterest to your advantage is essential, and these are some of the leading Pinterest statistics of 2023.

20 Pinterest Statistics of 2023

20 Pinterest Statistics of 2023

1. There are 240 billions pins saved on the platform

There are more than 240 billion pins saved on the Pinterest platform. This means that 240 billion creative ideas have been saved, and these are continuing to inspire and motivate people every day. Check out how you can use Pinterest pins to elevate your business and achieve more success.

2. 445 million monthly users

Whilst it may not have the popularity of platforms like Facebook or Instagram, Pinterest still has a highly impressive 445 million monthly users, which shows a huge pool of creative minds that you can target as a business.

3. It’s the 24th largest social network

Among the world’s largest and most popular social networks, Pinterest ranks at #24. This might seem quite low, but this is one of the niche social media platforms, and one that continues to be popular with more of a middle-aged crowd, as well as those interested in sharing in creative interests.

4. 55% of the Pinterest workforce is women

Diversity and inclusivity are also excellent focal points for a lot of modern companies, and Pinterest is no different. The company’s workforce is 55% female, a rise from 49% in 2020, which shows the important steps they have taken to work towards a more diverse business.

5. More than 86% of Pinterest users are active on Instagram

Cross platform usership is really important for businesses looking to make the most of social media. So it is useful to know that more than 86% of Pinterest users are also active on Instagram. This makes a lot of sense considering both platforms are very visually oriented.

6. 98% of users have tried products they’ve seen on Pinterest

As a business, it is important to understand buyer habits, and how you can make the most of them. 98% of Pinterest users reveal they have tried products they saw on the platform, which illustrates the importance of targeting the right people in the right ways in order to secure more sales.

In the United States, Pinterest actually ranks as the 4th most popular social media site. According to a study from Pew Research, it ranks behind only YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram in terms of popularity, with more than 30% of US adults revealing they’ve used it.

8. Amazon refers the most web traffic to Pinterest

Amazon actually refers the most traffic to Pinterest worldwide, accounting for 7.2% of all referral traffic. Etsy.com came in second place, with 2.82% of traffic. These make sense as they are consumer marketplaces in which image and visuals play a key role, which links them nicely with Pinterest.

9. Women use Pinterest more than men do

Understanding your target market and demographic as a business is essential for generating the right leads and being able to get conversions. The fact of the matter is that women use Pinterest more than men do, and this is something that you need to consider when looking to use Pinterest more effectively as a marketing device for your brand.

10. 55% of UK Pinterest users are Gen-Z

Demographics are also important when assessing and making use of social media platforms. 55% of UK Pinterest users are believed to fall into the 18-24 category of Gen-Z users. So it is important to keep them in mind when you are trying to promote and advertise your brand or product.

11. 70% of users search for new products with Pinterest

Two thirds of Pinterest users will actively use the platform to search for products, and this is why product listing and keywords play a big role for your business.  Not to mention that 86% of weekly Pinners have made purchases based on content they saw from Pinterest brands.

12. Pinterest market cap is $16.99 billion

Pinterest is growing as a platform, with the current market value of the site sitting at a little over $16.99 billion, as of February 2023. This is below its peak of $56.03 billion, achieved in February 2021, but a rise from December 2022. The popularity and growth of the site is sure to increase over the coming year.

13. Germany is the 2nd largest market for Pinterest users (17.5m)

Amazingly, Germany is actually the second largest market in the world for Pinterest users, with more than 17.5 million users. From a business perspective, this shows the importance of being able to focus on a particular niche market, and making sure you target Germans with your marketing can make a massive difference.

14. Pinterest tops the American Customer Satisfaction Index

Customer satisfaction is always important when leaving a positive lasting impression as a business, and this is an area where Pinterest excels. The company actually tops the American Customer Satisfaction Index with 78 index points, whilst YouTube ranked 2nd with 76 points.

15. 80% of US mothers who are internet user are on Pinterest

According to statistics, around 80% of US mothers who use the internet are on Pinterest, which shows a definite niche market for this site. The content of Pinterest is clearly something that resonates with mothers, and this is information you can use as a business to make.

97% of the top searches on Pinterest are unbranded. From a business perspective this is good to know, because it means that Pinners are open to discovering and exploring new products and ideas, which is wonderful for businesses looking to get creative and promote their products and services better.

17. The highest % age group of US Pinterest users may surprise you

Of course, Pinterest has a diverse range of user demographics, and we already know it’s popular with Gen-Z. But, it is also true that the highest percentage of US adults who use Pinterest actually falls into the 50-64 range, according to data from Statista.

18. More than ¼ of time spent on Pinterest is spent shopping

When people are on social media sites, you want them to be buying products there are then, and driving them into the sales funnel. This is why it is so important that more than 25% of the time spent on Pinterest is spent shopping. This is higher than any other social media platform, and shows the scope for conversions you can enjoy as a business.

19. People watch nearly one billion videos per day on Pinterest

Video content has surged in popularity in recent times, and this is something that your business can make the most of. Indeed, people watch nearly one billion videos per day on Pinterest, and this allows you to try to utilise video content for marketing your business on Pinterest as much as possible.

20. Pins promoting an offer enjoy a 61% higher email conversion lift

Pins that promote offers actually enjoy a 61% higher email conversion lift, so this is something you should be looking to utilise with your Pinterest account. Focus on providing value, and giving your potential customers promotions or offers that they can enjoy.

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