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AI-Powered SEO Tools: The Best Tools To Optimise for SEO

Marketers use AI tools to optimise websites, research, generate ideas, create content, improve customer engagement, and increase conversions.

This article explores the wonderful world of AI-powered SEO tools, listing the best tools for every task, from keyword research to on-page optimisation.

Let’s jump in!

AI keyword research tools

Keyword research identifies and analyses people’s words and phrases when searching online.

It involves exploring keyword variations, search volumes, competition levels, and user intent to determine relevant terms.

AI is helpful in keyword research because natural language processing models can identify patterns to generate keyword suggestions.


ChatGPT doesn’t have access to keyword data, but by using the proper prompts, you can generate endless ideas for further research.

Here’s how:

  • Copy and paste any article or webpage into ChatGPT and ask it to identify the text’s keywords. This will give you a unique insight into the best content on Google, helping you replicate it.
  • Write a primary keyword into ChatGPT, such as “football boots”. Ask ChatGPT to return a list of long-tail keywords. You can use these keywords to create content and pull in traffic through blog posts.

Both prompts are powerful idea generators. They don’t provide 100% accurate suggestions because there isn’t any search data, but they provide a foundation for optimisation. You can then carry out further research with Ahrefs or SEMrush.


Twinword Ideas combines search data with AI suggestions, bridging the gap between real-world data and AI-generated ideas.

One noteworthy feature of Twinword Ideas is its AI-driven relevance score, which sorts keywords based on their relevance to a search query.

The results it generates are a combination of database and AI-generated insights, with data such as average monthly searches sourced from Google to ensure accuracy. This makes it an invaluable tool for maximising return on investment in PPC campaigns.

The Twinword Ideas’ popular topics’ filter deserves special mention among its features. This filter can unveil new subject matter for content creation by examining hot topics detected and compiled by AI.

After entering a keyword, the filter provides an overview of relevant topics, giving us a glimpse into the current interests of searchers. This is fantastic for organic search and PPC.

AI on-page SEO tools

On-page SEO optimises individual web pages, posts, and media to improve search engine rankings. AI tools make the process faster than ever.

When performing on-page SEO, we consider content relevance, keywords, meta tags, headings, URL structure, and internal links. AI tools can scan your website and help you fill in the blanks without the need for an SEO expert.

Here are the best tools:

Alli AI

Alli AI is a powerful SEO tool that simplifies on-page optimisation with bulk, site-wide optimisation rules and a live editor.

The live editor lets you make changes directly on the front end, giving you a real-time view of your updates. Alli AI also offers bulk generation of page titles, meta descriptions, and other content changes, saving you time and effort.

After scanning your website, Alli AI generates fresh suggestions to improve your SEO. These suggestions can range from simple content tweaks to more complex optimisations.

You can implement the suggested changes and improve your website’s overall SEO with just a click. Alternatively, you can manually choose which recommendations to implement and disregard the ones that may not be relevant to your website.

Surfer SEO

Surfer SEO is an AI-driven SEO tool for optimising your on-page SEO. It seamlessly integrates with popular CMS platforms like WordPress and writing tools like Jasper (see below), making it a convenient way to optimise your content.

The tool uses natural language processing (NLP) to analyse your competitors’ keywords and content and then suggests how often you should use those keywords in your content.

It also provides insights into a post’s ideal word count, headings, paragraphs, and images. In addition, Surfer SEO offers other AI-powered features like a blog content generator, a plagiarism checker, and an AI outline generator.

Another valuable feature is Grow Flow, which provides weekly tips for improving your site’s SEO, including keyword suggestions, internal linking opportunities, and article ideas.


Frase is an AI-powered content optimisation tool that helps you create highly converting, SEO-optimised content for your website.

Our favourite feature is the ability to integrate Google Search Console data to identify and prioritise the best content opportunities.

One of Frase’s most popular features is its content briefs and topic research, which allows you to optimise your existing content and improve your SEO. It provides content outlines and ideas and helps you with content research.

There’s also an AI writing tool that assists you in creating outlines and content, helping you streamline your content creation process.

AI content writing tools

Content is vital to SEO as it informs and engages users while signalling relevance to search engines.

AI content writing tools leverage natural language processing and machine learning to efficiently generate high-quality, optimised content.

These tools enhance SEO efforts, save time, and produce engaging content that resonates with users and search engines.


One of the critical SEO applications of ChatGPT is generating articles or blog posts. By providing a prompt such as “Write a 1,000-word article about…” or “Create a blog post based on these keywords…”, ChatGPT can produce informative and engaging content that aligns with your desired topic or keywords.

You can also use ChatGPT to summarise text, condensing lengthy articles or blog posts into concise and informative summaries. It can also generate ad copy for paid search.

With its ability to generate unique and coherent content, ChatGPT can assist in content creation and keyword optimisation, offering valuable insights and generating high-quality outputs with minimal editing required.


Unlike ChatGPT, Jasper lets you select content templates, making it perfect for creating blog posts, articles, and web pages ready to publish.

With its advanced language processing models, including Chat GPT 4, Neo X, T5, and Bloom, Jasper goes beyond the limitations of ChatGPT and provides a more refined output.

What sets Jasper apart is its ability to generate content in a specific tone of voice, ensuring that the result matches your desired style.

You can rewrite sentences, check for plagiarism, and even integrate with Grammarly for seamless editing. By training Jasper with pre-written text and company facts, you can guide the model’s output and create content that aligns perfectly with your brand’s voice.


Quillbot is the best AI editing and rephrasing tool. It will transform your AI-written text with relevant synonyms and a new structure to beat AI content detection tools and future search engine updates that detect AI.

The Quillbot Paraphrasing tool is complemented by grammar, plagiarism, summarising, citation, and translation tools, or you can use all of them at once with Co-Writer, an all-in-one writing and editing tool.

Co-Writer has a “Suggest Text” feature that generates sentences based on text in the editor, giving you perfectly formatted content.

Semrush SEO Writing Assistant

The Semrush SEO Writing Assistant (SWA) is an excellent tool for Semrush users, helping optimise content based on targeted keywords and SERPs.

It offers metrics for readability, tone of voice, and plagiarism detection and provides a score out of 10 with recommendations for optimisation.

SWA also includes the Expander, Paraphrasing, and Simplifier tools, which generate original copy using AI-powered algorithms. These tools can help you create text variations, rephrase writing, and produce content for different audiences.

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