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20 Best Brands to follow on Instagram in 2024

It is no secret that visual content can help a brand build a loyal audience thanks to its ability to grab attention and storytelling.

With over 2 billion users every month, Instagram is one of the most popular photo-feed platforms amongst consumers worldwide. In fact, globally, it is the 7th most visited site, and 9th most searched for word on Google, making it a necessary place for companies to have a presence. Not just popular among individual users, Instagram proves to be a vital part of brand reach, with as many as 50% of people admitting they have been influenced to buy a product as a result of a post.

At Creative Marketing (NW) Ltd, we believe that Instagram is a brilliant platform for any business to improve customer relationships, increase your audience size, and gain valuable customer feedback. Alongside these points, social media influencers are thriving on the platform along with paid and organic advertising opportunities meaning companies can use the platforms in many different ways. Furthermore, the integration of video content in the form of stories and reels allows this extra selling tool to be harnessed, of which the merits we have shared in our ‘Top 20 Best Brands on TikTok’ article.

With plenty of ways to use Instagram and a vast available audience ready for you to market, we believe every business should have a presence on the site. But who is getting things just right? Check out our top 20 best brands from the world of beauty, homewares, clothing, plus food and drink to see who we regard as the leading accounts to follow.

Best Beauty & Skincare brands on Instagram

A huge beauty community on Instagram uses video and image-based content to sell products and share tutorials. The platform is home to 70% more beauty brands and influencers than on Tik-Tok and 10% more than the previous frontrunner YouTube. With beauty retailers, online stores, subscription services, and training all being promoted from Instagram, we have highlighted the brands we think are harnessing their audiences perfectly.

Kylie Cosmetics

With 25.9 million followers and constantly increasing, Kylie Cosmetics is a beauty powerhouse on Instagram. Founded by reality star Kylie Jenner, the brand is an example of a celebrity-launched company that has become legitimate in its own right.

The feed features the perfect balance of product images, recognisable influencers, and posts from Kylie herself. Whilst this page keeps things pretty top level, by way of product information, the consistent content across the stories, reels, and posts that all have the signature glossy Kylie Cosmetics edits ensure everything appeals to the target demographic.

Part of Kylie Jenner’s appeal to her younger audience is her style and look, and this Instagram feed is a brilliant representation of giving her fans what they want. The marketing comes across as effortless and relaxed, whereas of course, this is a lot of strategy and planning behind it.

Kylie Cosmetics Best Brands Instagram Kylie Cosmetics Best Brands Instagram

Nars Cosmetics

Founded in 1994, Nars Cosmetics is a cosmetics and skincare brand that is popular amongst both amateur and professional make-up lovers.

We have chosen this Instagram account to make out exclusive list as we think the branding elements are on point. Not only do the images and video content shared scream quality and minimalism, which the products are known for, the branding colours flow effortlessly throughout. The use of story highlights also ties both user generated and brand content together nicely making the page a useful resource.

With clear call to actions throughout and the promotion of their own hashtag, we think this feed is the perfect example of a brand with history maintaining their image on a modern platform.

narsissist Instagram brand narsissist Instagram brand


Dove as a brand is a brilliant example of how a product can be used to access a broader messaging theme that concerns an audience.

Their Instagram account showcases the body positivity, environmental, and user empowerment work they take part in using a mix of relatable content. They use a mix of content that consists of own-produced organic posts and user-generated materials in both image and long plus short form videos. There is also a balance of posts that ensure the product selling call to action is effortlessly woven into content without coming across as pushy or too sales focused. Finally, their feed itself is full of inspirational content that includes clear taglines and keywords, perfect for instantly showcasing what their page on Instagram is all about.

Providing the ideal balance of brand awareness and sales activity, we think this page is a brilliant example of a strategic marketing campaign translated to the platform.

Dove Instagram brand Dove Instagram brand


Essie is a nail polish brand that is popular worldwide. Their account has cleverly combined being a brand with being an influencer through the generation of what seems to be their own style of user-generated content.

With a feed full of product showcases, nail tutorials, and tips, they are providing content that users would expect to find from their favourite social media influencer accounts. As well as producing platform-relevant content, they are also using a campaign called ‘Live Your Colour’ to access the relatability market and encourage others to interact with the brand.

Finally, we admire their use of brand alignment throughout, with subtle nods to their polish colours in the form of highlight buttons and manicures that emulate the brand colours. This feed is full of cleverly targeted content.

Essie Instagram Brand Essie Instagram Brand

Real Techniques

Real Techniques is an exciting brand created by Samantha and Nicola Chapman, who became famous as YouTube influencers.

As you would expect, the feed ticks every box when it comes to types of content and utilising in-built features, but we chose this account for our list because they have used the power of brand recognition throughout. Synonymous with the vibrant orange tones and pink hues you see below, they have created content that represents the branding alone and together.

Sometimes businesses forget that their content needs to be recognisable when viewed with many others on user home feeds, but this is something that Real Techniques considers.

Real techniques Instagram brand Real techniques Instagram brand

Best Food & Drinks brands on Instagram

As the third most followed interest on Instagram, with 43% of users interacting with the content, food and drink offer a huge market for brand engagement. But selling something that often relies on sensory interaction can be a complex task through a screen. These top brands prove that using some clever techniques is completely possible.


Getting the branding spot on, the Waitrose Instagram feed portrays the same sense of luxury and exclusivity shared by their store.

As a food retailer, the number of products they can choose from is almost endless, yet they have managed to tie relevant trends to their content through clever links. They also feature a range of content types, with their two most popular ones being video shopping vlogs in stores and recipe image cards.

Waitrose doesn’t rely on user-generated content on their feed from influencers but instead favours some well-known celebrity faces that appeal to their target audience effortlessly. Finally, all product shots are extremely high quality and vibrant, showcasing the importance of excellent assets on this fast-paced platform.

Waitrose Instagram Brand Waitrose Instagram Brand

Joe and the Juice

Showcasing how content can be created that appeals to users outside of product-focused materials, Joe and the Juice brings together all the components that a young, health-conscious professional would care about.

With most of their efforts going on the feed content, the on-brand colours and taglines are woven throughout for complete continuity. We love the simplicity of the shots that let the products do the talking, and after all, an image does sell. Users love content that looks considered, and the photos on this post certainly do that. From statistics about recycling to a Jubilee message for the Queen in which she is wearing an on-brand pink coat, this feed is beautifully constructed.

Joe and The Juice Instagram Brand Joe and The Juice Instagram Brand

Hendricks Gin

Hendricks Gin offers an immersion into the world of Gin cocktails that leaves users feeling as though they have just experienced an insightful site tour.

With a mix of how-to’s, product updates, brand history posts, and short-form video content, Hendricks gets their brand legitimacy across every piece of content. With being an alcohol brand, it is interesting to see that they do not use a hashtag or support a series name; instead, the feed is designed to be a knowledge base for anyone who already knows about the product and wants to find out more.

This content also still achieves high engagement as it encourages use as sharable assets relevant to their audience and broader communities. Finally, the graphics are high quality and playful throughout, providing that effort goes into their stream.

Hendricks Gin Instagram Hendricks Gin Instagram

Hello Fresh

Fun, colourful, and full of enticing images, Hello Fresh uses a mix of dynamic content that displays the easy-to-achieve nature of their meals.

We love their use of iconography, video content, product images, and of course, their links back to relevant events. Although the brand does lots of brand collaborations across YouTube and Tik-Tok, we appreciate that this feed isn’t full of these recommendations to give it a unique feel. Some users don’t like when the same content is repurposed, so we appreciate this approach.

Also, the bursting with content tagged page according to their promoted hashtag is a brilliant selling method.