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20 Best Brands to follow on Pinterest in 2024

If you’re never used Pinterest and are wondering how advertisers exploit this massive strong community of users, then learning about the best brands on Pinterest is a great way to start.

Offering users a chance to create digital inspiration boards, Pinterest provides excellent click-through opportunities for companies, with 83% of weekly users making purchases due to being exposed to site content. With more than 400 million weekly users and 85% of the audience confirming they when they start new projects, they search the site; there is a strong community waiting to be interacted with.

Created as a community platform for sharing ideas and inspirations, Pinterest has seen a swift to eCommerce links over the past few years with features such as the shopping function and paid ads allowing brands the chance to operate strategically.

The site is popular amongst users as each profile can be tailored individually, allowing them to pin images, create boards, and share content with other accounts. This creative online outlet is famed for its collaborative capabilities and relatability, making it ideal for reaching new and existing audiences.

At Creative Marketing (NW) Ltd, we think that Pinterest is an excellent way to market to the modern consumer. People don’t want to be directly sold at, and shoppers are becoming ever-increasingly wise to different forms of marketing. We, therefore, think that Pinterest allows users to be more in control and for brands to access them through cleverly designed content.

However, commercialising your company’s Pinterest page is not an easy task. Some companies do, however, get it spot on, so we have pulled together our top 20 brands in one place for you.

Top Beauty & Skincare brands on Pinterest

Just like other social media platforms, Pinterest is popular amongst the beauty community. In fact, 98% of users confirmed they had tried a new product as a result of seeing it on the platform! The option to share both images and videos means that the world of influencers and brands alike can effectively post different forms of content for maximum audience reach. But who is acing the beauty Pinterest game? Here are our top 5 brands.


Lush is a cosmetics retailer that focuses on ethical production and natural ingredients as its main selling points. Across both their in-person and online platforms, their mission is to be a respected knowledge base for everything that their brand stands for, which we think they achieve perfectly with their Pinterest account.

As well as boasting a complete Pinterest shop of products, they created both image and video content that shares insights and behind-the-scenes information about the brand. If you have ever shopped in one of these vibrant stores, you would know that this emulates how staff members operate in the stores, so we think the signature branding here is used excellently.

They also use saved boards well, with relevant seasonal and product themes all defined so that users can easily interact with content and share it on their own accounts. Sharable content is done right on the Lush Pinterest account.

Lush Cosmetics Top Brands PinterestLush Cosmetics Top Brands Pinterest


As a popular cosmetics brand that utilises all of its social media channels brilliantly, it is no surprise that Glossier has made it to our list.

The structure of their page offers an informative glance into the world of all things make-up and skincare through video and image-based posts. We think their content provides excellent user value with a mix of relatable themes that people would want to share, such as before and afters, make-up tips, and editorial style imagery. They also use their content well to encourage pinning and sharing for users, not just those directly interested in the products, which is represented in their 5 million monthly videos.

Finally, their feed offers a simplistic colour palette that nods to the products and company branding.

Glossier Pinterest Brand Glossier Pinterest Brand


Kiehls has made our list as it is a brand that offers a diverse product range, meaning its marketing requirements are equally as vast. Therefore, the way that they have combined content and messaging to suit a broad audience in one concise place is worthy of nothing as a best practice example.

Not only is their content informative, eye-catching, and branded well, but the copy is also SEO friendly with links to the wider beauty community to improve brand reach. As the product range is so diverse, they have also used the saved boards function well for highlighting individual solutions.

Finally, they have used their bio well to establish their authority within the industry and position as a knowledge leader on Pinterest when it comes to skincare solutions.

Kiehls Pinterest Brand Kiehls Pinterest Brand


MAC cosmetics, known as Make-up Artistry Cosmetics, is a high-end brand that prides itself on being inclusive and professional. After breaking into the everyday consumer market through many digital marketing methods, including influencer collaborations, the brand is known for its sleek black packaging and quality products.

MAC is getting things right on Pinterest in several ways.

Firstly, their aesthetic is colourful, well-branded and made up of high-quality product shots and videos for an immersive look into the world of the cosmetics giant. Using a mix of video and imagery, they have been able to create an interactive experience when the content is both viewed as