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20 Best Brands to follow on TikTok in the UK (2024)

Just how do you become one of the Best Brands On TikTok? The best way to know is to learn from the very best TIkTok brands. In this comprehensive article we will look at how 20 TikTok brands are leveraging TikTok’s explosive growth.

Why should brands post on TikTok?

Launched in 2016 but becoming more popular since 2018, social users have downloaded TikTok more than 3 billion times. Known as the must-have app during the pandemic, the platform offered users the chance to escape from reality and take part in fun trends with friends and family that they could not connect with in person.

For brands, TikTok offers an excellent chance to reach new audiences, with over 1.8 billion active users worldwide choosing to use the app. Whether it’s viral trends, brand-produced filters, or links to a famous social media influencer, the reality is that companies need to have a presence on the platform; otherwise, they risk getting left behind.

At Creative Marketing (NW) Ltd, we are huge advocates of using powerful video content to engage with users as we believe it allows you to humanise your brand and generate meaningful engagement. TikToks’ mission is to ‘be the leading destination for short-form mobile video’, so naturally, we think this is a must-have platform for your social media strategies.

With endless amounts of brands using TikTok as part of their engagement, sales, and brand popularity strategies, who can you look to for best practice examples? We have pulled together our top 20 best brands list on TikTok from various sectors including beauty & skincare, home & homeware, clothing & fashion, the food & drink sector, to show you how to get viral video content just right.

Best Beauty & Skincare brands on TikTok

The TikTok beauty community is changing how people shop for products, with as many as 52% of shoppers having discovered new products through TikTok. Our top 5 brands represent a mix of old and new brands using TikTok to its maximum potential.

Rare Beauty

Launched by singer and actress Selena Gomez, Rare Beauty is a cosmetics brand uses a mix of user-generated, unique, and trend-themed content to reach its followers. The account also seamlessly blends Selena’s passions for mental health advocacy and body positivity into its content, providing additional valuable substance that the target demographics love to interact with. Rare beauty stands out from its competitors as it has successfully woven Selena’s brand into every video, so fans and new users will instantly know what the products stand for. Having launched after some of its competitors, we admire this TikTok page for its authenticity and flawless call to actions.

Rare Beautyrarebeauty

Charlotte Tilbury

Promoting the high-end cosmetics named after the make-up mogul herself, Charlotte Tilbury showcases how an established brand can modernise its presence using a platform such as TIkTok. If you are a fan of the brand, you will instantly recognise the glossy filter, HD shots, and sense of luxury that flows from one video to the next, as that is what the well-known cosmetics company is famed for. Allowing users to feel empowered by old Hollywood glamour, Charlotte Tilbury’s TIkTok feed continues the success in video content found within the influencer community on YouTube. Launched in 2013, we appreciate how the brand has kept up with trends in a way that is authentic to them.

Charlotte TilburyCharlotte Tilbury

The Ordinary

The Ordinary is one of the leading skincare brands that incorporates scientific results into its unique selling points. Bringing together the worlds of beauty, science, and retail, the brand uses its videos wisely by balancing content types and calls to action. The channel also includes facts that do come across as genuine thanks to the noted sources, helping them define themselves as experts in their field which is important for standing out on a crowded platform like TIkTok. From fun trends to informative Q&As from the team, The Ordinary proves that their modern approach to traditional skincare formulas can be tailored for the new audiences that TIkTok has provided them with access to.

The Ordinary The Ordinary on TikTok

Fenty Beauty

Unlike Rare Beauty or other celebrity brands, Fenty Beauty is a brilliant example of how TIkTok influencers and brand ambassadors can be used to build a profile of a new skincare and cosmetics label. Although owned by singing superstar Rihanna, there is little mention, apart from her name in the bio and the occasional video, of her throughout the feed. Whilst some celebrities use their followings to create a buzz around products, we think the slight detachment Rihanna has made from the page adds a sense of exclusivity and prestige. Instead, the company works with some of the most well-known beauty influencers on the platform to showcase products professionally in a way that resonates with the users. One of the benefits of also using established content creators is that the page uses the editing features available within the platform for the much-loved transition style videos, adding to its sleek feel. We also believe that this represents the overall brand message of wanting to stand out and do something different, which is apparent through its product packaging and the types of cosmetics sold.

Fenty Beauty Fenty Beauty

Space NK

Whilst the Space NK page may not have the most followers, they have made our top 20 list, representing a high street retailer integrating themselves with the world of social media eCommerce profiles. The brand is well known for its sleek website, but unlike some of its competitors, it also has the traditional form of shopping to promote. Whether they are using their popular storefronts as backgrounds, showcasing new launches on the shelves, or sharing shopping vlogs from excited consumers, we think the way they combine their two retail streams has been brilliantly executed on TIkTok. There is also the same sense of friendliness and knowledge woven through each video that, if you have ever shopped in the stores, you would instantly recognise. Video content can be used as an effective digital marketing tool for both on and offline stores, and we think that Space NK nail this with their content.

SpaceNK Space NK on TikTok

So the above are five incredible examples of how beauty and skincare brands are utilising TikTok in order to build brand awareness and a whole load of traffic and sales too.

Best Food & Drinks brands on TikTok

It’s no secret that foodie influencers are popular across social media platforms, with the rise in food challenges, shopping hauls, and taste tests flooding all channels. TIkTok is no different with a vast food and drink community, but how can the brands stand out when the influencers also talk about their products? We think these examples showcase how balance can be achieved.

Little Moons

If you did not become obsessed with these Japanese-inspired sweet treats during the UK lockdown, chances are you did not use TIkTok! In fact, thanks to a surge in interest by social media users, sales increased by 2000% for Little Moons in just a few short weeks. The sweet delights offer different flavours of ice cream filled mochi that can be purchased from supermarkets across the UK. They are an example of how a brand that went viral thanks to social media users can harness the momentum of popularity to continue creating popular content. As well as sharing detail about this new to the UK market treat, the profile also incorporates user-generated content, funny meme-style videos, and elements of new products. The positive nature of the team and bright colours that represent the products threaded throughout the feed has the power to make users happy before the videos are even clicked on. Also proving they are not just one-hit content wonders, their page and sales have continued to go from strength to strength.

Little Moons Mochi Little Moon on TikTok

Candy Works

You may not have realised it, but TIkTok has a huge sweet and confectionary following which CandyWorks has tapped into perfectly. Candy Works was one of the first online sweet retail giants to solely focus on post friendly pick ‘n’ mix, themed candy platters, and imported products from around the world. By having faces of the brand from the team and bringing in consumers via order packing videos and reactions to comments, the company has created a light-hearted set of videos with a product call to action in every single one. The market for online sweet stores has also become very saturated over the past few years. However, the company is still seen as a trendsetter in the community with a constantly evolving set of video themes. Consumer engagement is important for building loyal audiences, and we think this profile showcases how this can be aced through the form of videos.

Candy Works UK Candy Works on TikTok


Redbull is a company that has created a brand for itself which extends beyond the product that it is well known for. Having been established in 1987, TIkTok offers the company a chance to reach a younger demographic who are likely brand supporters of competitors such as Monster and Tenzing. Their feed has been used well as it brings in brand stories through the use of longer video content. The product mentions are not what this page is known for. Instead, it is a brand profile builder which has amassed over 6.7 million followers. We think this shows that even though the platform has lots of brilliant video editing features, sometimes just posting traditional content does work.

Redbull Red Bull on TikTok

Doughnut Time

As a small business that has grown thanks to TIkTok, Doughnut Time gets it spot on when it comes to using popular trends to put its products in the limelight. They also use a team of content creators who have become influencers in their own right, helping the brand resonate on a deeper level with followers. We love the light-hearted energy that this page brings because, after all, who doesn’t love a sweet treat! The products also have fun names and designs which are incorporated into themes such as the Jubilee, sporting events, and movie releases. The use of organic keyword and hashtag linking throughout their videos also improves the overall reach, which is a brilliant way to expose a brand to new audiences.

Doughnut TimeUK Doughnut Time on TikTok

Bubble Citea

Another trend that has hit the UK market big time is the love of bubble tea which Bubble Citea has used to boost its profile popularity. The simple style of videos on this page are based on relatable content aimed at a younger audience, which perfectly aligns with the brand’s target demographics. Playing on themes that suit their demographic, the videos are fun which is why people have become truly obsessed with the product in the UK.

Bubble Citea Bubble Citea on TikTok

So there you go guys. Another five solid examples of how to run TikTok especially if you are a food and drink brand.

Best Clothing brands on TikTok

The popularity of online hauls and shopping vlogging means that clothing brands also have a brilliant opportunity to reach new audiences on TIkTok. Sleek transition videos, styling tips and influencer promotions fill these feeds resulting in some of the most popular pages, which we have pulled together below. With less consumers heading into stores and disposable income meaning less are also shopping online, it is essential that clothing retailers set themselves apart from the rest and convince consumers that they are the brand for them.


Not just amazing on TIkTok but on all social platforms, Gymsharks marketing is quite simply amazing. The company grew in popularity thanks to harnessing social channels and influencer programmes which meant they went from selling on a market stool to globally in just over a year. This has also been achieved through their positioning as thought leaders and experts within the fitness area, which is represented through their workout-related content. Professional advice, funny videos and influencer appearances mean that their TIkTok feed perfectly supports the brand’s image. They aim to make fitness fun, promote the importance of quality products, and to be seen as the face of health for the younger generations which we think they achieve successfully.

GymShark Gym Shark on TikTok


Launched by reality star Kim Kardashian, Skims is a clothing brand which aims to make a statement. Taking inspiration from high-end fashion trends but attainable for the everyday shopper, the feed itself takes inspiration from a beautifully crafted Instagram feed. The brand image is minimalistic, which is showcased through their videos. No fancy filters, trends, or jovial posts. Instead, the content is clean and sleek, highlighting product quality through the form of video. Like many other channels, the video content is also used throughout other marketing materials with an obvious view that it has come from TIkTok encouraging people to search and shop through the platform itself.

Skims Skims on TikTok


ASOS is a clothing company that was launched as a way for consumers to shop for looks they had seen on the internet or TV quickly; hence their name, which stands for As Seen on Screen. The business has always incorporated video into its marketing as it represents the nature of its offering. As one of the first mainstream clothing websites to corporate 360 images and catwalk-style videos for products, it is no surprise that this vibrant and modern nature is translated to their TIkTok feed. We think they get their content just right for the intended audience, full of behind-the-scenes content, brand-specific promotions, celebrity influencers, and styling videos. They also have strong call to action through series such as ‘What new in the fashion studio’ and ‘Shop the look’ videos, encouraging direct click-throughs for this online retail giant. Bringing the products to life when there are no in-person stores can be difficult, but through curated content, ASOS manages to share products in a creative way.

Asos Asos on TikTok


Nike is one cool brand on TIkTok, with no elaborate bio or styling to their feed. Instead, they let their branding popularity and products speak for them. Their content is very value-add heavy, allowing users to interact and gain not just product information but also access content such as fitness, lifestyle, and charity based. They do use some transitions and video editing tricks but in an effortless way that represents the quality of their products. Nike stands for precision and inclusivity, and we think this is achieved perfectly throughout their content.

Nike Nike on TikTok


As a clothing brand made popular by social media, Cider treats its content the same way a popular content creator would, making them influencers in their own right. Fun content, sleek transitions, links to popular culture trends, and videos’ personability make their followers feel included. They often share hauls from prominent influencers and regular customers, which has helped them create an audience of empowered individuals. As a fast-fashion brand, they move equally as quickly with the trends on TIkTok, making them a page to watch.

Cider Cider on TikTok

And there you go. Another five brands who have moved with the times, quickly identified TikTok as the next big social platform and leveraging it with millions of followers.

Best Home & Homeware brands on TikTok

Proving that homeware can be marketed to any demographic on TIkTok, the best practice brands we have highlighted below all manage to use the power of video to bring their products to life in a fun and playful ways. With home influencers often making trends for what consumers should be buying, it is up to homeware brands to use their platforms to showcase their interior design expertise in a way that resonates with a range of audiences. We think these brands do a great job of achieving this.


While Anthropologie as a brand stocks more than just homewares, we have chosen to include them in this category as we think this is the product area in which they excel. With nods to each of the product ranges and links to broader lifestyle tips and advice, the brand manages to create an overall aspirational way of living through its content. Appealing to consumers of all ages, their videos cover popular themes such as behind the scenes, new product launches, influencer reviews, and c