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Best Marketing Packages For Your Website in 2023

Professional marketing agencies generally don’t have ready-made packages as there isn’t really a one-size-fits-all approach to marketing. A good agency would conduct a professional consultation to understand your business goals, evaluate your current marketing activities, conduct an audit of your website and online presence, and then present you with an online digital marketing strategy that is suitable for your business.

However, there are times when a business already has a marketing strategy in place and are already engaged in digital marketing activities. In these cases, more often than not, a company finds that they lack resources in order to scale their online marketing activities.

In other cases, a startup company generally requires some standard marketing requirements such as; the creation of a compelling brand identity including a new logo, colour scheme, social media design assets such as a profile and cover pic, various other design assets, a stunning WordPress website design as well as some basic PPC management services, if appropriate, to start generating relevant traffic and conversions.

In these cases, where the requirements are known, marketing agencies may offer standardised packages to provide your needs. Here are Creative Marketing (NW) Ltd, we certainly do and have a wide range of digital marketing packages that can be literally subscribed to on our packages page and started right away.

Our ready-to-buy packages, allow you to save time from the enormous task (sometimes painful) of seeking lots of consultation with different marketing agencies, often forgetting which agencies you have spoken to, evaluating prices and then entering a tedious onboarding process which takes critical days and weeks out of your business.

We provide everything you you need to begin carving out your place on the internet for one inclusive cost. By pooling our in-house resources, companies receive the luxury of working with a team of talented UK based marketing professionals for one flat monthly fee.

Why should you be using UK digital marketing packages?

Everyone has their relevant skill sets that they have developed by investing their precious time and effort spanning many years. It’s no different in the digital marketing sector. Agencies spend years recruiting the right people, training them, building a company culture and moulding an amazing group of people to leverage each other’s skill sets so that they can deliver the best results for clients.

If every company were to build their own in-house team of marketing professionals, not only would this be incredibly expensive, but inefficient as it would take months and years to build an agile digital marketing team. And without agency experience, the best and latest cross-sector experiences wouldn’t be spilt over to ensure your company is following the very best and latest digital marketing techniques.

As such, it is so much more easier and cost effective to simply find a professional UK digital marketing agency and then working out a digital marketing package that suits both sides to get the ball rolling, fast. Remember, things change so fast. Every day you’re not marketing, your competitor is getting one step ahead.

What do digital marketing packages contain?

Digital Marketing

Depending on what your requirements are, digital marketing packages could contain a range of services, including but not excluded to;

  1. Professional website design & development
  2. Paid advertising management services for Google/Microsoft Ads
  3. Social media content creation and publishing
  4. Paid social advertising
  5. Professional email marketing campaigns
  6. Managed SEO packages
  7. Conversion rate optimisation

and more….

It’s important to choose a digital marketing package that suits your most pressing business requirements and that would ideally generate a return the fastest. If the activity by nature requires time, such as SEO, then it’s important to measure the progress by an agency with monthly activity and performance reports.

How are digital marketing packages calculated?

Digital marketing is a vast field with all kinds of talents required including SEO professionals, paid advertising experts, creative web designers, software developers and more. This makes up the main cost of a digital marketing agency. By calculating the cost of skilled labour employed, company overheads as well as plenty of cool digital marketing SaaS products that agencies use, a cost per day is calculated. A day rate is then established by adding a profit margin which could be between 30-60% depending on the size of the agency, their priorities, workload and the type of services they specialise in.

For some services, incentives are part of the terms. For example many PPC management agencies charge a base fixed rate to manage X amount of ad spend per month and then a percentage of ad spend if the amount exceeds the ad spend threshold. This is great as it incentivises the digital marketing agency to work hard for your business.

Digital Marketing Packages come in various shapes and sizes and can range between £200 to £10,000+ per month.

Here at Creative Marketing (CM), we have social media management packages from as little as £250.00 per month ex VAT to sizeable SEO packages that could go up to £2,000 per month ex VAT. We even have very small content packages for professional blog content for even less. Whilst some agencies have minimum retainer value requirements, we’re a lot more flexible as we believe that by delivering a quality service and results, clients can quickly increase their advertising spend and marketing budgets.

Do you create bespoke digital marketing packages?

Digital Marketing

In short, yes, we do. After having a consultation, we ascertain your requirements, conduct some market research, study your competitors and then present to you a digital marketing strategy and bespoke digital marketing packages.

Naturally, depending on the size of your business online, packages will vary. For example, a well established eCommerce company that has over 500 products, will require more time to ensure all the products are properly setup and optimised. On the other hand, a professional dental practice that has an informational website, may require SEO services or professional paid advertising management on Google Ads. Since they are most likely targeting a local radius, the overall work may be less. A startup on the other hand, may require everything including branding, web design, ppc services and more.

Ultimately, majority of the marketing agreements between agencies and clients would be bespoke.

Can I upgrade or downgrade my advertising media packages?

We understand that businesses are fluid. In addition, the covid era has demonstrated how fast things can change. That is why our digital marketing agency has majority of its services on rolling monthly contracts. This provides the client a peace of mind and a safe exit should their business marketing budgets need to be reduced. It also allows the client to quickly invest more in digital marketing, if they see results.

To provide you with financial flexibility, all our services are rolling contracts that can be upgraded, downgraded, or cancelled at any time. Our experts are also on hand to recommend what is best for your business as honesty is a key company value we take great pride in. The only services of ours which have fixed term minimum periods are website development and our SEO packages, because these require a longer period of time to show results. In the case of web development packages we always split the cost of the website into a 12 monthly payments to make it affordable and easy for the company to spend so that they can invest funds into marketing activities right away. Otherwise, they would be investing a lot of initial capital from the beginning which could eat into their marketing budget. In addition, we include hosting and support in our website packages which means we’re always there even after the website has been launched to support our clients needs.

Can you choose specific services for marketing packages?

You certainly can. Our marketing packages cover everything for you from website design and maintenance, SEO, social media content creation, design services, and PPC advertising. The reasons for choosing to bring in a UK marketing agency like ours can vary. Some companies do not have any in-house expertise at all so need full support, and others may just be lacking skills in one area. Whatever your requirements are, we have got you covered and you’re welcome to chop and change the services as required.

What marketing packages do we offer?

Whilst we always have a proper consultation and review your marketing strategy before presenting our packages, we do have some ready-made services that can be subscribed to and started here from as little as £100.00 ex VAT per month;

  • Up to 20 Social Media Tiles per month – £250.00 p/m ex VAT
  • Paid Social Campaigns (for budgets less than £1,500) – £250.00 p/m ex VAT
  • Google Ads account setup, campaign creation and optimisation (covers up to £5,000 of monthly ad spend) – £500.00 p/m ex VAT
  • WordPress website build and design from £150.00 per month ex VAT
  • To view all our ready-to-go digital marketing packages click here.

Comprising of both content level services and top-level strategy, you can take pick and choose any package that you need and we will support you to improve your online marketing, whatever your budget.

Are you ready to start your journey to digital marketing success? Pencil in a consultation using our calendly link and let’s get started.

Kasim Javed

Head of Creative Marketing

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