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25 Essential WordPress Statistics You Need To Know In 2023

WordPress is an open-source system used as an effective tool for content management. It is a free platform that is popular for publishing content (webpages, articles, etc) for both individuals and companies alike.

As the internet’s most popular content management system, it is no surprise that numerous corporations are looking into how best to use the system to gain a competitive edge over their close rivals.

Since its launch in 2003, it has come a long way; it has grown and established a strong brand image and a major foothold as a leading content management platform. On its journey so far, it already powers 35% of the operational websites in the digital space, backed up with impressive figures and statistics to explain why.

So, what is WordPress, how can you use it, and why is it important? Keep reading to find out all of the key statistics you need to know for WordPress in 2022.

Top WordPress Statistics Of 2022

In more recent years, the performance of WordPress has dramatically increased as it has risen in popularity. Its growth has been impressive on several fronts, and here are some key statistics to prove it.

1. WordPress Dominates The Internet With A 64.3% Share In Its Virtual Space

It’s no secret that WordPress has expanded rapidly ever since its formation in 2003. With a rise in social media presence through websites, media accounts and articles, businesses like WordPress have been faced with an abundance of work and opportunities to show what they can do for the many businesses out there.

As a result, WordPress now dominates the internet with a 64.3% share in its virtual space. In a time when websites are considered the lifeline of a business, everyone is turning to WordPress to get theirs up and running for that competitive edge that all businesses desire.

Image: WordPress Market Share Percentage Since 2022. Image: WordPress Market Share Percentage Since 2022.[/caption]

2. WordPress Drives The Content On As Many As 75 Million Websites On The Internet

WordPress is a market leader in the content management and publication sector of the Internet, holding massive majorities in a range of sub-demographics that have enabled them to grow into the business that they are today.

However, the extent of their growth is rarely encaptured in full – you may find it difficult to believe that WordPress drives the content on as many as 75 million websites on the internet. This means that the odds of you having seen or used a website controlled by WordPress is incredibly high compared to other content management sites, helping to put the full weight of their growth in perspective.

3. Searching For Relevant Information On Google By Combining Relevant Queries With ‘WordPress’ Returns A Whopping 2,060,000,000 Results

Google is a large and dominant search engine on the internet and is widely regarded as the market leader in its field. As a result, their search engine contains billions and billions of web pages covering a range of topics, fields and businesses.

This helps to put into scope the size of WordPress as a content management tool. Just searching for relevant information on Google by combining relevant queries with ‘WordPress’ returns a whopping 2,060,000,000 results – an incredibly large amount in comparison to other corporations.

4. WordPress Puts Other Content Management Platforms In The Shade With A Massive Market Share Of 61.4%

WordPress has grown significantly as a company in the past few years, but the extent to which they’ve grown is truly astronomical.

To put it into context, WordPress now puts other content management platforms in the shade with a massive market share of 61.4% – that is a majority share that has been acquired in only 19 years.

Image: #WordPress Rules The CMS Market With 61.4% Market Share. Image: #WordPress Rules The CMS Market With 61.4% Market Share.[/caption]

5. Despite Employing 25x Lesser Employees, WordPress Draws The Attention Of More Visitors Than Amazon And Almost The Same Number Of Visitors As Facebook

Companies such as Amazon, Facebook (Meta) and Instagram have dominated the internet for decades, holding the ability to drive traffic towards their sites in a range of different ways. This has led to them becoming market leaders in their chosen fields due to their unrivalled control of the interweb.

However, WordPress has begun challenging corporations such as this due to their unheard-of growth; despite employing 25x lesser employees, WordPress draws the attention of more visitors than Amazon and almost the same number of visitors as Facebook. With such supreme dominance in such a limited time frame, it’s no wonder businesses are looking to WordPress to help improve their online presence.

6. When It Comes To Publishing A Blog Or An Article, WordPress Is The Preferred Choice Of More Than 60 Million People

According to Optinmonster, “WordPress has about 60 million blogs”, meaning that since its foundation in 2003, they have accumulated roughly 3.1 million users per year.

With such strong and loyal user reviews following behind them, it was inevitable that WordPress would become one of the world’s leading content management services. That’s why when it comes to publishing a blog or an article, WordPress is the preferred choice of more than 60 million people.

Image: Graphic For Optinmonster Quote “WordPress Has About 60 Million Blogs”. Image: Graphic For Optinmonster Quote “WordPress Has About 60 Million Blogs”.[/caption]

7. Among Top Websites, 14.7% Of Them Run On WordPress

As blogging and article creation is a relatively revived fad reborn through the creation of SEO and other marketing tools, it’s shocking to see a business that has managed to dominate the market so quickly and efficiently with so little time to do so.

Unbelievably, among top websites, 14.7% of them run on WordPress – a staggering amount for a business as young as 19 years old.

WordPress Usage & Traffic Statistics For 2022

As a helpful content management system, WordPress has championed the cause of posting varying content on the internet for all users. With its increased usage in more recent years, it has transformed the way that we post content indefinitely.

Let’s take a look at some operational statistics to get a full understanding of how important WordPress really is.

8. Of The Total Websites That Are Operational On The Internet, WordPress Boasts A Market Share Of 43%

WordPress is currently used by 64.3% of all the websites whose content management system is identifiable, meaning that WordPress holds a market share of 43% of all operational websites.

Of the total websites that are operational on the internet, WordPress boasts a market share of 43%.

Image: Website Extract (W3Techs). Image: Website Extract (W3Techs).[/caption]

9. WordPress Powers More Than 455 Million Websites

As you browse the internet, you’ll undoubtedly come across websites created and powered using the content management site WordPress. This is because the current percentage of websites using WordPress is 37% of all websites and a whopping 60% of content management systems.

As a result of this dominant market share, WordPress powers more than 455 million websites globally, helping them to maintain their status and continue to grow into the new age of the internet.

Image: Number Of WordPress Websites Globally. Image: Number Of WordPress Websites Globally.[/caption]

10. Despite The Dominance Of English Among Compatible Languages, WordPress Supports Up To 60 Different Languages On Its Platform

It would have been impossible for WordPress to grow to its extent without being accessible to all parts of its possible market. This would include markets in Japan, China, parts of Africa and England that would all need to be catered for to get the biggest chance of growing in market share.

Despite the dominance of English among compatible languages, WordPress supports up to 60 different languages on its platform. This helps them to grow internationally, quickly.

11. In Its Directory, WordPress Houses More Than 8,000 Themes And 55,000 Plugins

With WordPress, you can add a store, mailing list, portfolio, social feed or analytics to your website with as much ease as possible. That’s because they pride themselves on making their plugins as accessible and simplified as possible, whilst not compromising on the quality of their services.

In its directory, WordPress houses more than 8,000 themes and 55,000 plugins, making you in total control of your website.

12. Users Use WordPress To Publish 17 Blog Posts Every Second On The Internet

WordPress has definitely come a long way since its founding in 2003 – with rapid growth and worldwide fame, it has revolutionised the way that content is managed online for the foreseeable future.

Their growth is difficult to understand alone, but contextually, it can be seen through the fact that users use WordPress to publish 17 blog posts every second on the internet.

13. Each Month, Users From Distinct Geographical Nations Run More Than 37 Million Searches With WordPress In Their Query

WordPress has grown to become the business it is today not just because it became a market leader in its national market, but because it became an international market leader. This was achieved by catering to all different races and languages to maximise their audience and appeal.

As a result, each month, users from distinct geographical nations run more than 37 million searches with WordPress in their query for better results.

14. The Support Of WordPress For SEO Mechanics Ranges Between 80% to 90%

WordPress has glowing reviews from past and present users, with incredible high ratings and achievements to follow alongside them. This has led to an increase in consumer confidence in the brand, which has aided its growth over the years.

The support of WordPress for most services is incredibly high, but the support of WordPress for SEO mechanics ranges between 80% to 90% – an incredibly high standard. This means that most of their consumers would trust WordPress’ input and services regarding SEO mechanics, a promising sector of the software and marketing industry.

WordPress Version Statistics For 2022

As recent as 2022, WordPress has released several prominent versions since 2003, with each version of the software becoming more innovative and popular within the market.

Updates such as these are crucial for maintaining WordPress’ market leadership as it helps to keep them a step ahead of the competition. It is this competitive advantage that led to the reputation that they have today.

Let’s have a look at some of the most important WordPress version statistics to get a better understanding of how and why they have become so successful in recent years.

15. WordPress 5.6 Has Been Downloaded 47,047,315 Times

According to 5MinutesSEO, WordPress 5.6 has been downloaded over 47 million times since its release.

Like WordPress, this version of the site has skyrocketed in demand and reputation, with many first-time consumers interacting to see what the hype is about. With this, it’s no surprise how WordPress has grown to become as popular as they are today.

Image: Number Of Downloads For WordPress Version 5.6. Image: Number Of Downloads For WordPress Version 5.6.[/caption]

16. The Sixth Version Of WordPress Is The Most Widely Used Version, Followed By The Older Versions In Decreasing Order

The most recent version of WordPress, version 6, has become the most popular version of WordPress to have ever been released. With year-on-year improvements in downloads and support, it’s no surprise that the most recent edition to the brand has been met with such warm receptions.

The sixth version of WordPress is the most widely used version, followed by the older version in decreasing order. Version 6 is currently used by 50.1% of all the websites that use WordPress, followed closely by version 5 with 42.7%, then version 4 with 6.7%, and so on.

Image: Percentages Of Websites Using Various Versions Of WordPress. Image: Percentages Of Websites Using Various Versions Of WordPress.[/caption]

17. WooCommerce Is The Most Widely Used Subcategory Of WordPress

WordPress offers various services and abilities under an umbrella of businesses and corporations that all come together to form WordPress. As such, they boast a wide range of subcategories that can be used by consumers to improve their experience and performance with the site.

WooCommerce is the most widely used subcategory of WordPress, being used by 20.3% of all the websites that use WordPress. This is closely followed by Elementor, at 17.9%, and WPBakery, sitting at 14%. No other subcategory holds a percentage larger than 1% after these top 3.

Image: Percentages Of Websites Using Various Subcategories Of WordPress. Image: Percentages Of Websites Using Various Subcategories Of WordPress.[/caption]

WordPress Development Statistics For 2022

WordPress is an important tool for website development and content management, as we’ve established and supported using these crucial statistics. WordPress analytics, in partnership with the other data linked to development, play an important role in determining the performance of WordPress sites for developers and marketers.

The tool is largely used by developers and producers alike to help create the perfect websites for businesses to display their potential online. Typically, services such as this rely on market leaders like WordPress to provide innovative new technology to further their service and help provide greater quality work to their clients. This makes WordPress highly important in this industry.

As such, here are some facts and statistics related to WordPress development.

18. Developers Use WordPress To Develop More Than 500 Websites Daily

Because of the ease and accessibility of WordPress, developers around the world are using it to create the perfect website for either themselves or their clients. Website design has been transformed into a multi-million dollar business, of which WordPress has a large part to play.

Their role in this growth is undeniable; for example, developers use WordPress to develop more than 500 websites daily, equating to around 3,500 a week or an estimated 14,000 a month.

19. Among 1 Million E-Commerce Websites, 22% Of Websites Are Based On Woocommerce (A Subcategory Of WordPress)

The world’s most popular and widely used content management system, WordPress, comes with a vast array of subcategories that are all designed to help consumers build their perfect business.

However, although these may seem like minor services, they actually hold a much larger market share in the industry than some entire established services. For example, among 1 million e-commerce websites, 22% of websites are based on Woocommerce, a subcategory of WordPress.

Image: Graphic For ‘Wild And Interesting WordPress Statistics And Facts 2022’. Image: Graphic For ‘Wild And Interesting WordPress Statistics And Facts 2022’.[/caption]

20. Woocommerce Is Used By More Than 70 Million E-Commerce Shops

WordPress is built on PHP and MySQL, and licensed under the GPLv2, which means it is free to use and modify by anyone. This has helped the program to become world-renowned as one of the leading service providers in this industry and has led to equal popularity in their spin-off businesses, like Woocommerce.

Woocommerce is used by more than 70 million e-commerce shops, almost as many as WordPress itself. The high-quality capabilities that it provides have helped it to become a well-sought-after tool for the aspiring developer, leading to such an increase in shop usage.

WordPress Plugin Statistics For 2022

WordPress features a thriving plugin library that promotes user-friendliness, accessibility and transparency. It consists of both free and paid tools with a wide range of variations, helping to contribute to the overall appeal of a designed website.

Let’s take a look at why WordPress plugins are so effective and desired.

21. WordPress Boasts More Than 58,000 Plugins With A Whopping 17 Billion Downloads

As a result of WordPress’ status as market leaders, it’s no surprise that they have some tools to maintain a competitive edge over its competition. One of their many tools is the plugins that they offer to consumers, which are tailored to make it easier for them to use the service.

WordPress currently boasts more than 58,000 plugins with a whopping 17 billion downloads, as of 2022. With constant innovation and improvement, WordPress continues to churn out brand new plugins and download opportunities like this to improve the user experience.

22. As Many As 1 Million Websites Operate The WordPress Plugins That Rank Between #1 and #30

According to Devrix, “more than 1 million sites have every single one of the top 30 WordPress plugins installed”, as of 2020.

With consistent innovation and growth, it would seem sensible to assume that the number is much larger by now; with new technology and services available, perhaps even more consumers have downloaded their software in the modern age.

Image: As Many As 1 Million Websites Operate The WordPress Plugins That Rank Between #1 And #30. Image: As Many As 1 Million Websites Operate The WordPress Plugins That Rank Between #1 And #30.[/caption]

23. Among The Top 1 Million Websites, The Contact Form 7 Plugin Was Used By At Least 95,000 Sites

WordPress is renowned as a content management hub, specialising in accessibility and easy-to-navigate user interfaces to help people grow and develop their own websites. As such, it’s no surprise that a marketing tool such as Contact Form 7 has become so popular in recent years.

Among the top 1 million websites, the contact form 7 plugin was used by at least 95,000 sites. This is most likely in order to gather feedback or information on clients to contact them directly, helping growing businesses market more effectively.

WordPress Theme Statistics For 2022

WordPress themes are one of the best ways that you can change the layout of a website – they offer default themes or third-party themes that allow you a greater range of customizability and options to meet consumer demands more closely.

As impressive as this is, the statistics in relation to WordPress themes are just as extraordinary. Let’s take a look at the best WordPress theme statistics for 2022.

24. WordPress Directory Has As Many As 7,986 Themes

WordPress, as popular as it is, still needs to keep ahead of the competition to maintain the enormous gap in market share they currently hold. As a result, it has led to creations such as WordPress themes to help make website design easier and more accessible for beginners and professionals alike.

The WordPress directory has as many as 7,986 themes in 2022, allowing for greater levels of personalisation to suit all businesses.

Image: Website Clipping of WordPress.org (displaying the customisation aspect). Image: Website Clipping of WordPress.org (displaying the customisation aspect).[/caption]

25. The Annual Charges For User Subscriptions For Themes And Theme Clubs Range From $48 To $399

WordPress claims that it is completely free to use, which is true to an extent. You can interact with and build a website completely independently, although some key features are off-limits for those who have a limited budget. Web hosting, domain names, designs and themes all require a fee to use, some of which you actually can’t have a website without.

For example, the annual charges for user subscriptions for themes and theme clubs range from $48 to $399, acting as a paywall to the features that you’ll need to get your website up and running.

Image: Graphic for WordPress Website Cost - The Real Truth Behind Building A Site. Image: Graphic for WordPress Website Cost – The Real Truth Behind Building A Site.[/caption]

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