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25 Essential WordPress Statistics You Need To Know In 2024

WordPress is an open-source system used as an effective tool for content management. It is a free platform that is popular for publishing content (webpages, articles, etc) for both individuals and companies alike.

As the internet’s most popular content management system, it is no surprise that numerous corporations are looking into how best to use the system to gain a competitive edge over their close rivals.

Since its launch in 2003, it has come a long way; it has grown and established a strong brand image and a major foothold as a leading content management platform. On its journey so far, it already powers 35% of the operational websites in the digital space, backed up with impressive figures and statistics to explain why.

So, what is WordPress, how can you use it, and why is it important? Keep reading to find out all of the key statistics you need to know for WordPress in 2022.

Top WordPress Statistics Of 2022

In more recent years, the performance of WordPress has dramatically increased as it has risen in popularity. Its growth has been impressive on several fronts, and here are some key statistics to prove it.

1. WordPress Dominates The Internet With A 64.3% Share In Its Virtual Space

It’s no secret that WordPress has expanded rapidly ever since its formation in 2003. With a rise in social media presence through websites, media accounts and articles, businesses like WordPress have been faced with an abundance of work and opportunities to show what they can do for the many businesses out there.

As a result, WordPress now dominates the internet with a 64.3% share in its virtual space. In a time when websites are considered the lifeline of a business, everyone is turning to WordPress to get theirs up and running for that competitive edge that all businesses desire.

Image: WordPress Market Share Percentage Since 2022. Image: WordPress Market Share Percentage Since 2022.[/caption]

2. WordPress Drives The Content On As Many As 75 Million Websites On The Internet

WordPress is a market leader in the content management and publication sector of the Internet, holding massive majorities in a range of sub-demographics that have enabled them to grow into the business that they are today.

However, the extent of their growth is rarely encaptured in full – you may find it difficult to believe that WordPress drives the content on as many as 75 million websites on the internet. This means that the odds of you having seen or used a website controlled by WordPress is incredibly high compared to other content management sites, helping to put the full weight of their growth in perspective.

3. Searching For Relevant Information On Google By Combining Relevant Queries With ‘WordPress’ Returns A Whopping 2,060,000,000 Results

Google is a large and dominant search engine on the internet and is widely regarded as the market leader in its field. As a result, their search engine contains billions and billions of web pages covering a range of topics, fields and businesses.

This helps to put into scope the size of WordPress as a content management tool. Just searching for relevant information on Google by combining relevant queries with ‘WordPress’ returns a whopping 2,060,000,000 results – an incredibly large amount in comparison to other corporations.

4. WordPress Puts Other Content Management Platforms In The Shade With A Massive Market Share Of 61.4%

WordPress has grown significantly as a company in the past few years, but the extent to which they’ve grown is truly astronomical.

To put it into context, WordPress now puts other content management platforms in the shade with a massive market share of 61.4% – that is a majority share that has been acquired in only 19 years.

Image: #WordPress Rules The CMS Market With 61.4% Market Share. Image: #WordPress Rules The CMS Market With 61.4% Market Share.[/caption]

5. Despite Employing 25x Lesser Employees, WordPress Draws The Attention Of More Visitors Than Amazon And Almost The Same Number Of Visitors As Facebook

Companies such as Amazon, Facebook (Meta) and Instagram have dominated the internet for decades, holding the ability to drive traffic towards their sites in a range of different ways. This has led to them becoming market leaders in their chosen fields due to their unrivalled control of the interweb.

However, WordPress has begun challenging corporations such as this due to their unheard-of growth;