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Dwell Time

This is the length of time a web user spends between clicking on a result from a search engine results page & visiting the website and returning to the webpage.


This means “search engine result page” and refers to the list of results seen by a web user after typing a query or term on a search engine.


Another word for a question, in digital marketing this is also known as a search term. E.g “how do I cook a steak?”


A term for how many people a marketing campaign is seen by, reach can be collated by numbers and further subdivided by countries, and other demographics.

Page Speed

How quickly a webpage loads up all of its contents. A slow page speed can result in fewer potential visitors & customers.


A Demographic refers to a section of statistical data that can be used to understand who engages with your ad or site the most. Demographics can be age, gender, location, religious belief, ethnicity and more.


The process of gaining an in-depth look at the performance of a website, including all aspects including engagement, time spent etc.

A/B Testing

A/B testing is the process of generating two pieces of content (whether it be a landing page, ad, image etc) and testing them against each other in a campaign. The content is usually similar with one distinct difference, whichever receives more engagement in a campaign is usually the successful and used piece of content.

Ad Fatigue

This is when users have been exposed to the same advertising for an extended period of time and can be recognised through a lack of engagement when the ad was originally shown. It serves as a healthy indicator to update a marketing ad or tactic.

The Dark Web

This refers to a side of the internet that is unregulated. It is essentially the black market of the internet. It can not be accessed accidentally through general web browsing. Due to the nature of the content on this side of the internet, visiting it can result in criminal proceedings depending on your actions once […]