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Crypto Currency

this is an online currency, the main example being Bitcoin. There are many different cryptocurrencies which can be bought and can be used to buy products or services online.


A.I stands for artificial intelligence and refers to a program that can operate independently, without the control and input from a person. AI can come in many forms, one popular example being Chat GBT.

Shopping cart/Basket

on sites that provide a service or product, the shopping cart/basket shows you how many items etc you have and the cost. Clicking this generally takes you to the checkout page in which you can pay for the items or services.


The process by which someone removes themselves from future deals, updates, newsletters or emails from a business. This is generally known as unsubscribing and is common to find at the end of marketing emails.

Opt-in Email

This is an email that has been specifically requested by an internet user, usually coming in the form of a tickbox when signing up for a service or buying a product. Opt-in emails give a marketer the knowledge of potential returning customers.


This is another word for an internet user’s movement from one website to another.

Guerrilla Marketing

This is a form of marketing that can be considered unconventional, as it uses minimal resources for maximum results, this can either be intentional or out of necessity. It can come in many forms & is subject to the marketer’s creativity.


A virtual private network or VPN is the process of concealing your IP address when browsing online. This is generally used to protect the user’s identity from potential hackers or phishing attempts.

Domain Name

In digital marketing terms this is the location of a business on the internet, in other words, the website’s name. (e.g www.google.com) for a business, it is important to have a domain name that is exactly the same if not similar to the name of your business. This makes it easier for potential customers to […]


This is a term that refers to how much your website, ad, or content is interacted with by internet users. Engagement can be measured by various factors, a website for example can track how many people visit it and its pages.