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20 Influencer Marketing Statistics of 2024

1. 50% of Millennials trust influencer recommendations

This is one of the most positive and advantageous parts of influencer marketing, and shows you the importance of being able to utilise this in your brand. To put this into perspective, only 38% say they would trust product recommendations from celebrities!

This is the power of influencer marketing, and one of the core reasons this needs to be a key part of your marketing strategy as a modern brand. Developing successful working relationships with popular influencers can make a world of difference to a successful campaign.

2. 42% of marketers feel influencer marketing provides best ROI

When you are trying to utilise different business marketing techniques, it is important to understand which will bring the highest investment. Indeed, more than 42% of marketing experts cite influencer marketing as the type that brings them the highest ROI.

It is believed, on average, that companies will earn around $5.20 for every $1 they spend on influencer marketing, which equates to around 11x more than the ROI from using banner ads. This is a strong and reliable marketing technique, and you need to spend the right sort of budget on it.

3. 90% of marketers love influencer marketing

Statistics show that 9 out of 10 marketing experts believe influencer marketing to be an excellent and effective form of business marketing. Many allocate a specific budget from their marketing budget purely to deal with influencer marketing.

This is definitely something that you need to make the most of, and there are plenty of benefits that you can enjoy by using influencer marketing as a business.

4. 51% of businesses say influencers help them get better customers

The whole point of using a marketing strategy is to try to get better customers and higher quality customers. More than 50% of brands claim that influencer marketing helps them to achieve just this very thing, which is a testament to the importance of developing the right relationships, and working with people who have influence and presence online.

5. 36.7% of brands use influencer marketing to increase sales

There are plenty of great reasons why you can use influencer marketing, but more than one third of brands stated that their most common reason for using it was to make sure they increased sales. After all, sales are the key part of why companies choose to market in the first place, and ensuring that make use of such a powerful outlet can be a big game-changer.

6. 93% of marketers have used influencers

As a business, it is important to stay relevant as much as possible, and this is why you need to embrace popular and important trends. The fact that 93% of marketers have utilised the strengths of influencer marketing in order to benefit their business and attract potential new customers shows a growth market you need to explore.

You don’t want to be in that 7% because your business will suffer as a result, and you risk losing out to competitors. Make sure you make influencer marketing top of your to-do list for 2023.

The world of social media and digital is growing, and every passing generation is more involved in it than the one before. In the past 3 months alone, one-third of Generation Z consumers have admitted to buying a product based on the recommendation of an influencer.

It is important to understand what your target audience responds to as a business, and how you can make better use of this moving forward.

8. 72% of marketers used Instagram for influencer marketing

Influencer campaigns involve utilising the best and most successful social media platforms. Instagram is the world’s leading platform for influencer marketing, and in 2022 alone, more than 72% of marketers used Instagram as part of their influencer marketing strategy.

It is predicted that this number is going to grow with every passing year, and 2023 could see a 4% rise in this as Instagram presents more opportunities for successful influencer marketing.

9. 4 out of 10 Millennials say influencers understand them better than their friends

One of the biggest appeals with influencer marketing is the familiarity that influencers have with their subscribers. People like to connect with other people, and, as the old saying goes, “People buy from people.”

Incredibly, 4 out of 10 Millennials connect with influencers on a level deeper than they do their friends. And this is a powerful concept to consider when it comes to marketing as a business.

10. 500,000 influencers use Instagram as their platform of choice

We know that Instagram is the go-to platform for influencer marketing, and there are a stunning half a million influencers who choose the social media platform as either their preferred choice for influencer marketing, or their sole choice. Making the most of a channel this powerful is really important, and can make a huge difference to your company’s success.

11. 1 in 4 marketers are leveraging influencer marketing

Choosing the optimal marketing strategy to bring your company success is essential, and there are a lot of options to consider here. 1 in 4 marketers currently leverage influencers, working closely with them to promote the brand. The amazing ROI on offer makes this a no-brainer for many companies looking to be more successful.

12. 86% of marketers claim boosting brand awareness is their top objective

Boosting and improving brand awareness and visibility is essential for allowing you to grow as a brand, attract more customers, and achieve greater success. This is why it is important to use influencer marketing as a way of being able to drive more attention to your brand in a positive way.

Having a brand that is more well-known and recognisable in this day and age is really important, and represents a great way of being able to attract more interest and drive more customers to your business.

13. UK-based influencers receive the most deals

Influencers can be found in all countries and parts of the world, and there is no doubt that the highest percentage come from North America, with influencers based in the US and Canada receiving the most deals. However the UK is 3rd on that list, which shows the power and reach of influencer marketing across the UK.

14. More than 50% of businesses working with influencers are eCommerce brands

More than half of the brands that work with influencers and use influencer marketing are eCommerce businesses. This makes sense as products are a great source of influencer marketing, and people like to see certain goods and products being used on camera to help inform their decision-making.

15. 56% of marketers who use influencer marketing work with micro-influencers

Micro-influencers play a key role in helping improve engagement, and have a strong connection with many of their subscribers. They can prove to be an invaluable source of influencer marketing for your business.

16. 400% search growth in the UK

Google searches for the term “Influencer Marketing” in the UK grew by a staggering 400% between the years 2016-2021. This indicates how much the world of social media and the influence of those with an online presence has grown over the past half dozen or so years.

If your business is not recognising this and taking steps to make it work for you, then you are in danger of being left behind by your competition. Understanding the power of social media influencers is a core component in building a successful business marketing campaign.

17. 60% of US Facebook video views in 2022 were influencer videos

Influencer videos are becoming more and more common, and, between January and July 2022, influencer videos made up around 60% of all the videos viewed on Facebook. This shows the impact and appeal of influencers across strong and important platforms.

18. 60% more engagement comes from micro-influencers

Whilst influencers might be the focus for business marketing, it is also important that you don’t rule out micro-influencers (a person with a range of between 1,000-100,000 followers). Micro-influencers will promote products or services that align with their interests or area of expertise.

Micro-influencers are great because people often view them as more authentic than celebrities and well-known influencers, whilst they cost a fraction of the price. They have frequent and genuine interactions with their followers, and this results in better engagement.

19. YouTube leads the way for gaming influencers

In the US and Great Britain YouTube proved to be the most popular platform on which to experience gaming influencers in 2021. If this is the kind of business you are, and you’re looking for the perfect place to find gaming influencers for your marketing, YouTube is most definitely the choice for you.

20. 72% follow influencers on social media

We all know how powerful and influential social media is, and many influencers are active across multiple platforms. According to stats from a report by Marketing Consult, more than 72% of Millennials and Gen-Z follow influencers on social media platforms.

This shows how important it is to have a good level of engagement on social media, and try to develop a strong business profile. Social media isn’t going anywhere, and the more you can do to embrace it, the better it will be for helping your brand grow and improve.

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