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50 Powerful LinkedIn Statistics for B2B Marketing in 2023

LinkedIn has become a staple for businesses on a global scale due to its position as a  B2B social platform and knowledge base. Providing users with access to millions of contacts, the networking service has developed into a relatable and competitive platform since the covid pandemic, with many people integrating their experiences with the business functionality that the service offers.

Whether you are a B2B marketer trying to reach a new audience, a business leader looking for prospective hires within the competitive job market, or a member of HR looking to promote employee wellbeing through digital connectivity, LinkedIn has it all.

The company uses the term #LinkedInLife to represent their core values of promoting “a sense of belonging, the flexibility to prioritize what matters most, the space and support to dream BIG, a welcoming and inclusive environment”. With corporate engagement and personal development at its very centre of operations, it is no surprise that the platform has impacted the world of eCommerce and big business over recent years.

We have noticed at Creative Marketing (NW) Ltd an increased demand in LinkedIn marketing services including paid ads, content creation and publishing, expanding networks and more. It is clear that businesses are now trying to generate LinkedIn exposure more than ever before. These top 50 LinkedIn statistics delve a bit deeper into the world of this B2B powerhouse and showcase just how important it is for companies to get their LinkedIn presence just right.

Company Overview

1. LinkedIn employs more than 19,000 employees across 36 different offices in more than 30 cities worldwide.

This global approach to business ensures that their messaging is authentic and means they can operate competitively within different markets efficiently. Global employee engagement is also critical to the company, with an annual report being produced that looks into work happiness and outputs.

These findings are used by LinkedIn to better their own employee’s experience but also share content via their blog and news to assist their users in creating a benchmark for better working practices.

2. The pandemic has increased the platform’s popularity, with a 34% year-over-year growth recorded in Q3 of the 2022 FY.

Spend on LinkedIn advertising and premium accounts contribute to this impressive figure with the increased user interest, meaning that many companies now include this as a set-in stone budget item.

3. Revenue started to see a steep positive increase during the pandemic, with a 43% rise in 2021.

This equated to $11.5 billion, a higher percentage increase than the previous two years. Annual reports note a correlation between users and site engagement as the main reasons for this positive growth.

LinkedIn annual revenue 2010 to 2022 LinkedIn annual revenue 2010 to 2022

Source: https://www.businessofapps.com/data/linkedin-statistics/

4. LinkedIn launched in 2003, making it the oldest major social media network still being used in 2022.

Founded by Reid Hoffman as a solution to bring together diverse business leaders in one place, the platform has been developed into an eCommerce giant with revenue coming from recruitment, subscriptions, and advertising. Having maintained the free-to-use element that makes social media platforms attainable, LinkedIn continues to prove that it can move and change with the times, which has not been the case for some previous social media solutions.

5. The site is available to use in 26 languages.

Whilst English, Spanish, and French prove to be the most diverse options, include Tagalog, Hindi, and Malay to support its vast user base.

6. Google searches for LinkedIn as a direct result have increased by 212% over the past 12 years.

This is across mobile and desktop devices and showcases the diversity in how the site interacts.

7. The most followed person on LinkedIn is Bill Gates who has an impressive 35.7 million followers

Still using the platform consistently in 2022, Bill Gates posts aspirational content and recently went viral when he shared his 48 year old resume with this LinkedIn network.

LinkedIn Usage

8. Users averagely visit 7.09 pages during each visit to LinkedIn.

This also represents an average visit duration of just over seven minutes. LinkedIn is known for creating brilliant user journeys, with sidebar and on—page features that encourage further networking and interaction. This activity is also recorded using to in-page algorithm and, for those users who are signed up to LinkedIn previous, allows profile activity to be tracked and reported on for optimised outreach efforts.

LinkedIn users statistics LinkedIn Users Statistics

Source: https://www.similarweb.com/website/linkedin.com/#overview

9. 48.5%of users are monthly users, and 16.2% are daily visitors.

Showcasing the importance that LinkedIn has within daily business life, this percentage will surely increase over the next few years in line with the company’s desire to expose the platform and its users to even more people.

LinkedIn Active Users Statistics LinkedIn Active Users Statistics

Source: https://www.statista.com/statistics/194459/frequency-with-which-registered-us-linkedin-users-update-profile/

10. The most followed organisation on LinkedIn is Google, with 25.5 million followers.

Ranked as LinkedIn’s top company, the content posted covers a range of topics, including employee insights and behind-the-scenes to add relatability to the company. They also have over 290 000 employees connected from across the world who actively engage with their content helping it to be pushed out to a large audience.

11. India is the most followed hashtag with 67.6 million plus posts associated

This is then followed by Innovation (38.8 million), Management (36 million), Human Resources (33.2 million) and Digital Marketing (27.4 million). Hashtags within the platform allow users to improve the reach of their own posts and also search requested content to find the resources they need.

The LinkedIn algorithm is constantly changing to improve the posts that users are exposed to. However, this sometimes means that desired content is missed, so hashtags offer the ability to follow certain topics to manipulate individual feed views.

Finally, the creator mode allows up to five hashtags to be included within a company bio, which means as well as being able to filter results by post, users can also filter by the business.

12. LinkedIn has 0.2% of unique social media users

The highest percentage overlaps between social platforms for LinkedIn users are Facebook (87.8%), YouTube (77.8%), Instagram (83.3%), and Twitter (64.7%). This represents the fact that LinkedIn is used in addition to B2C platforms. Still, almost all users highlight the split of activity that marketers can use to tailor their content and message for a more successful engagement.

Social Media Platform Overlaps Social Media Platform Overlaps

Source: https://www.hootsuite.com/resources/digital-trends

User Demographic Statistics

13. LinkedIn is used by more than 830 million people across 200 countries

The USA, Europe, and India represent the highest user groups with interesting correlations to business activity made from the number of users. The platform also releases different features to regions, highlighting that even though it operates in a diverse market, there is always a finger on the pulse recording trends.

LinkedIn Worldwide User Statistics LinkedIn Worldwide User Statistics

Source: https://www.statista.com/statistics/194459/frequency-with-which-registered-us-linkedin-users-update-profile/

14. 31.28% of desktop traffic came from the USA in May 2022

This was followed by India with 7.08% and the UK with 5.99% of traffic. Desktop access to the site is typically higher than other social media platforms was the B2B nature content does encourage users to engage with the website when working.

LinkedIn Traffic LinkedIn Traffic

Source: https://www.statista.com/statistics/272928/distribution-of-linkedin-traffic-by-country/

15. 57.2% of users are Male and 42.8% are Female

These figures, from January 2022, highlight that the platform offers promising advertising and recruitment campaigns for a diverse audience. This also represents a change since 2018, when there was an equal balance of representation on the site between both genders. This allows trends from the workplace and hiring to be drawn, another benefit of having a corporate-facing platform such as LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Gender Statistics LinkedIn Gender Statistics

Source: https://www.statista.com/statistics/933964/distribution-of-users-on-linkedin-worldwide-gender/

16. The global membership has over 208 million NAMER profiles

Also prevalent on the platform are more than 230 million people from APAC, 216 million from EMEA regions, and 128 million users from LATAM.

17. 14.6% of the world’s complete population are on LinkedIn.

Also unique in the fact that all users share the same interest being business and the world of work, this offers a lot of insights into trends and operations for companies of all sizes to benefit from.

18. The largest represented category of followers are aged between 25 – 34, with 59.1% being active on LinkedIn.

18–24-year-olds represent 20.4%, 35–54-year-olds make up 17.7%, and the lowest representation is from those older than 55 at just 2.9%. These themes are expected, as they directly correlate with the types of companies and jobs shared throughout the network.

19. The average salary of a LinkedIn user is $46,644 dollars per year

This is largely because the majority of users are senior-level influencers (90 million) and decision-makers (63 million). We have already told you also that the main category consists of 25-34-year-olds who are likely to have a lower salary on average, so this represents the equilibrium between types of users on the site.

20. Users outside of the USA account for 75% of profiles

With the USA being a business powerhouse and often dominating social media demographics, this is something that LinkedIn proudly promotes as a representation of its diversity.

21. 51% of users hold a bachelor’s degree

This indicates that those with higher qualification accolades prefer using the website. With multiple university and education providers also prevalent on the platform, there has been a shift to attracting the next generation of graduates over the past few years as a strategic objective.

LinkedIn Advertising and Marketing Statistics

22. LinkedIn paid campaigns have a potential reach of over 800 million

Marketing within the platform has been developed to emulate that of Google keyword and demographic targeting with multiple options for marketers to use to reach their intended audience. The previous results’ functionality and ability to include people based on a whole host of demographic and job-related features means that audiences can be cleverly targeted. The paid campaigns navigator also allows for detailed reporting and ongoing analytics to encourage reactive activity for improving return on investment.

23. The platform saw a 20.1% increase in advertising between January 2020 and January 2022.

Increased users and activity on LinkedIn have meant that decision makers are now actively using the platform for sourcing new products and services. This is reflected in the amount of advertising that has taken place and improved engagement rates across various sectors.

24. 61% of B2B marketers have increased their use of content marketing on the platform versus previous years.

Reflecting the change in how platforms are used and how corporate individuals can be reached, LinkedIn is commonly used for paid and organic content marketing.

25. 80% of B2B leads come from LinkedIn marketing efforts.

This is closely followed by Twitter with 12.73% and Facebook with 6.73%. We believe this is achieved thoroughly mostly organic strategy also as people look to LinkedIn for legitimate business information. Highlighting the importance of having an active presence on the site, it is also, therefore, important to measure your campaigns through UTM tracking and survey analytics to measure the success of your LinkedIn content.

LinkedIn B2B Leads LinkedIn B2B Leads

Source: https://business.linkedin.com/content/dam/me/business/en-us/marketing-solutions/cx/2017/pdfs/Sophisticated-Marketers-Guide-to-LinkedIn-v03.12.pdf

26. 94% of marketers believe LinkedIn is the best channel to distribute content.

In-built features include video, photos, document hosting, and live streaming making it an ideal place to share various different business assets and tools.

LinkedIn Marketeers Statistics LinkedIn Marketeers Statistics

Source: https://business.linkedin.com/content/dam/me/business/en-us/marketing-solutions/cx/2017/pdfs/Sophisticated-Marketers-Guide-to-LinkedIn-v03.12.pdf

27. Ad exposure has resulted in a 33% increase in purchase intent.

One of the main benefits of advertising via a LinkedIn page is that your business profile can be set up as a brand store. With just one click, users can be directed from your ads to your intended call to action or your LinkedIn page for immediate access to customer-converting content.

28. 28 Million users subscribe to at least one newsletter.

Initially rolled out as a feature in 2020 but shared with the broader community for creator-mode accounts in 2021, LinkedIn newsletters allow brands to communicate updates to users who subscribe to their updates. With the option to edit images and text with links, the 51% increase in the interaction with this feature in Q3 of 2022 highlights it is a valuable marketing tool to consider.

29. Conversion rates are 2x higher than other platforms.

Outranking other B2B sources, LinkedIn doubles the return on investment that can be obtained from platforms such as Facebook and Instagram for business.

30. 90% of blog traffic comes from LinkedIn.

As a highly important component of any SEO strategy, blog content can reach additional exposure when promoted on LinkedIn. With the option to share the article on brand pages, within groups, or upload it as an in-built article preview, LinkedIn offers a B2B traffic source that should be optimised.

31. 79% of marketers believe that LinkedIn has provided the best-paid results within the past 12 month

This is strengthened by the acute targeting capabilities and in-built reporting that supports future campaign success.

B2B Paid Social Media Platform Statistics B2B Paid Social Media Platform Statistics

Source: https://contentmarketinginstitute.com/2021/10/b2b-power-content-marketing-research/

32. 94% of B2B marketing professionals would release B2B comms first via LinkedIn.

This is anchored by the extensive B2B audience and high levels of engagement that are reported via the platform. If your audience is tailored correctly, LinkedIn can be used to reach the profiles of users that would be other unattainable.

33. LinkedIn is used mostly for organic marketing by 93% of professionals.

Making the most of content uploads, live streaming, and polls, organic activity can be used to build brands and convert sales using LinkedIn. The platform has seen a shift in how the messaging is used over the past 24 months, with a desire from users now to see relatable content.

As organic marketing needs to be managed strategically, LinkedIn offers a form of audience exposure that allows for detailed measuring of campaign success.

34. 72% of marketing campaigns name LinkedIn ads as a chosen source.

Ads can be in a carousel, video, or static image format with tailored call to actions and outbound links making this a highly popular marketing tool.

35. As of April 2022, the Bermuda had the highest audience reach at 104.8%.

In this same survey concerning addressable advertising audience, the USA ranked 7th and the UK sat in 17th place.

LinkedIn Audience Reach LinkedIn Audience Reach

Source: https://www.statista.com/statistics/214707/global-online-populations-with-highest-linkedin-penetration/

LinkedIn for Wider Business Statistics

36. 95 job applications take place every second across the world.

LinkedIn allows companies to list jobs for free, making it a popular choice versus other job sites. Users can then either submit their CV directly on the site or be transferred to the brand site to complete the application process. LinkedIn also offers Recruiter and Recruiter Lite page subscriptions for HR specialists to use, allowing them access to a wider network and improving messaging features.

37. Hires increased by 88% in Q3 of FY 2022.

Talent Solutions revenue was up by 43% as a direct result meaning that LinkedIn is proving to be a valuable recruitment source in the current job market.

38. LinkedIn actually has 15x more content impressions than any other online job board.

This is also boosted by the ability to showcase individual profiles as being ‘open to work’ and to link job postings directly to brand pages.

39. Creator mode is used by over 9 million

Creator mode can directly improve the reach and influence of a profile by offering users the chance to become knowledge bases for specific topics and trends. The benefits include:

  • Improved visibility within searches.
  • Access to tools such as LinkedIn Live and Newsletter editing.
  • In-platform analytics

This tool has also soared in popularity among many business functions other than marketing, meaning it offers an easy way for companies to share the task of brand messaging.

40. More than 58 million companies are listed on the site.

Covering multiple industries, this high figure proves that without a presence on LinkedIn, a business runs the risk of being left behind compared to its competitors, not just in the form of sales but also in talent acquisition.

41. 1 in 5 business investors look to LinkedIn for information.

LinkedIn offers companies the chance to remain current and display reactive news that brand investors hold in high regard regarding innovative company culture and successful operations.

42. There are over 65 million business decision-makers on LinkedIn.

As well as using paid ads and organic content, LinkedIn boasts a healthy groups section in which many decision makers are part of exclusive communities full of like-minded individuals. With access to the right people sorted, it is down to top-level marketers, like our own team at Creative Marketing, to produce engagement that converts.

43. In Q2 of 2022, LinkedIn sales solutions made over $1 billion in revenue

This means that now the Sales, Talent, Marketing, and Premium Subscriptions products have all reached this impressive amount.

44. In the UK, 80% of social media users are aware of what LinkedIn has to offer.

The same survey also found that 19% of those used the platform and 16% considered themselves as being loyal to the platform.

Social Media Users LinkedIn Survey Social Media Users LinkedIn Survey

Source: https://business.linkedin.com/content/dam/me/business/en-us/marketing-solutions/cx/2017/pdfs/Sophisticated-Marketers-Guide-to-LinkedIn-v03.12.pdf

45. LinkedIn premium is paid for by 39% of users.

Allowing access to increased users, more in-platform messages, LinkedIn training courses, and the ability to track who has viewed your account, LinkedIn premium is a brilliant sales tool that we think companies should be investing in.

46. LinkedIn Sales Navigator can yield a 7% higher win rate than traditional tools.

This feature allows sales managers to access relevant profiles more easily for an improved chance of sales conversions. The navigator tool also provides for monthly reporting and comparisons between team members, which can help create healthy competition and drive.

47. 4 out of 5 members have a part to play in driving decisions.

Many roles have a part to play in business spending being carried out. LinkedIn allows tailored information and engagement for each user meaning they are more likely to interact with some form of marketing information. In fact, buying decisions on average include 6.8 different people.

LinkedIn User Roles LinkedIn User Roles

Source: https://business.linkedin.com/marketing-solutions/audience

48. There is over 39,000 skills listed.

Users are able to add skills to their own profiles, which colleagues and clients can then endorse. This helps to strengthen individual profiles and improve the legitimacy of the content they post. Skills are also necessary when it comes to recruitment, as a testimonial offers the same feedback that a job reference would look to obtain.

49. Pages with completed information get 30% more weekly views.

This is because pages can be found more easily and with complete information, are more likely to be picked up with the platform algorithm.

50. The best time to post on LinkedIn is 9 am on Tuesdays in the UK.

In-platform reporting also makes it easy to understand live results in terms of engagement and interactions to yield the best results from posting and creating defined social media strategies.

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