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50 Powerful LinkedIn Statistics for B2B Marketing in 2024

LinkedIn has become a staple for businesses on a global scale due to its position as a  B2B social platform and knowledge base. Providing users with access to millions of contacts, the networking service has developed into a relatable and competitive platform since the covid pandemic, with many people integrating their experiences with the business functionality that the service offers.

Whether you are a B2B marketer trying to reach a new audience, a business leader looking for prospective hires within the competitive job market, or a member of HR looking to promote employee wellbeing through digital connectivity, LinkedIn has it all.

The company uses the term #LinkedInLife to represent their core values of promoting “a sense of belonging, the flexibility to prioritize what matters most, the space and support to dream BIG, a welcoming and inclusive environment”. With corporate engagement and personal development at its very centre of operations, it is no surprise that the platform has impacted the world of eCommerce and big business over recent years.

We have noticed at Creative Marketing (NW) Ltd an increased demand in LinkedIn marketing services including paid ads, content creation and publishing, expanding networks and more. It is clear that businesses are now trying to generate LinkedIn exposure more than ever before. These top 50 LinkedIn statistics delve a bit deeper into the world of this B2B powerhouse and showcase just how important it is for companies to get their LinkedIn presence just right.

Company Overview

1. LinkedIn employs more than 19,000 employees across 36 different offices in more than 30 cities worldwide.

This global approach to business ensures that their messaging is authentic and means they can operate competitively within different markets efficiently. Global employee engagement is also critical to the company, with an annual report being produced that looks into work happiness and outputs.

These findings are used by LinkedIn to better their own employee’s experience but also share content via their blog and news to assist their users in creating a benchmark for better working practices.

2. The pandemic has increased the platform’s popularity, with a 34% year-over-year growth recorded in Q3 of the 2022 FY.

Spend on LinkedIn advertising and premium accounts contribute to this impressive figure with the increased user interest, meaning that many companies now include this as a set-in stone budget item.

3. Revenue started to see a steep positive increase during the pandemic, with a 43% rise in 2021.

This equated to $11.5 billion, a higher percentage increase than the previous two years. Annual reports note a correlation between users and site engagement as the main reasons for this positive growth.

LinkedIn annual revenue 2010 to 2022 LinkedIn annual revenue 2010 to 2022

Source: https://www.businessofapps.com/data/linkedin-statistics/

4. LinkedIn launched in 2003, making it the oldest major social media network still being used in 2022.

Founded by Reid Hoffman as a solution to bring together diverse business leaders in one place, the platform has been developed into an eCommerce giant with revenue coming from recruitment, subscriptions, and advertising. Having maintained the free-to-use element that makes social media platforms attainable, LinkedIn continues to prove that it can move and change with the times, which has not been the case for some previous social media solutions.

5. The site is available to use in 26 languages.

Whilst English, Spanish, and French prove to be the most diverse options, include Tagalog, Hindi, and Malay to support its vast user base.

6. Google searches for LinkedIn as a direct result have increased by 212% over the past 12 years.

This is across mobile and desktop devices and showcases the diversity in how the site interacts.

7. The most followed person on LinkedIn is Bill Gates who has an impressive 35.7 million followers

Still using the platform consistently in 2022, Bill Gates posts aspirational content and recently went viral when he shared his 48 year old resume with this LinkedIn network.

LinkedIn Usage

8. Users averagely visit 7.09 pages during each visit to LinkedIn.

This also represents an average visit duration of just over seven minutes. LinkedIn is known for creating brilliant user journeys, with sidebar and on—page features that encourage further networking and interaction. This activity is also recorded using to in-page algorithm and, for those users who are signed up to LinkedIn previous, allows profile activity to be tracked and reported on for optimised outreach efforts.