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Media Orb Acquired by Creative Marketing (NW) Ltd

Creative Marketing (NW) Ltd, a leading digital marketing agency based in Rochdale, has acquired Media Orb, a website design company with offices in Somerset and Devon. The strategic acquisition will allow Creative Marketing to expand its service offerings to include innovative website design and development.

  • Strategic acquisition expands Creative Marketing’s capabilities in website design/development
  • Leverages the expertise of both companies to become a one-stop digital marketing shop for SMEs and larger enterprises.
  • Allows Creative Marketing to provide more comprehensive solutions for clients’ digital needs.

The acquisition was finalised earlier this week for an undisclosed amount. With this purchase, Creative Marketing aims to become a one-stop shop for its clients’ digital needs, leveraging Media Orb’s web design and development expertise to complement its strengths in digital strategy, SEO, paid advertising, and data analytics.

“We’ve admired Media Orb’s work for years and have always been impressed with their technical skills and creative vision,” said Kasim Javed, Founder and CEO of Creative Marketing, “With Media Orb now part of our family, we can provide more digital solutions without clients needing to coordinate with multiple agencies.”

The acquisition comes at a time of rapid growth for Creative Marketing, which serves over 200 clients across the highly competitive retail, technology, healthcare, and finance sectors. Meanwhile, Media Orb is one of Somerset and Devon’s top website design firms. Combining forces will tap into new market opportunities while better serving existing clients.

Complimentary expertise

Creative Marketing’s acquisition of Media Orb brings together two companies with complementary skills and experience.

While Creative Marketing has established itself as a full-service digital marketing agency, Media Orb excels in custom web design and development.

With expertise across these critical channels, Creative Marketing helps businesses of all sizes develop data-driven strategies that deliver meaningful ROI.

Whether working with startups to build brands from the ground up or optimising international campaigns, Creative Marketing brings strategic insight and flawless execution.

Meanwhile, Media Orb has spent over 20 years perfecting the art of website design and development. Their technical skills, creative vision, and usability focus produce optimised websites for both end-users and search engines. Media Orb’s custom web solutions help businesses communicate their brand effectively online.

The combined company can provide end-to-end digital marketing services. From initial brand and campaign strategy to website development, ongoing optimisation and results tracking, clients will have a single partner capable of turning online investments into business growth, making this acquisition a perfect fit for both companies.

Relentless pursuit of growth

While many agencies are content with stability, Creative Marketing maintains a relentless pursuit of growth. This acquisition accelerates the agency’s expansion strategy, adding new capabilities and talent to serve an increasing customer base better.

Despite this growth, Creative Marketing maintains its mission of generating measurable ROI through data-driven strategies tailored to each client’s unique requirements.

Creative Marketing actively avoids succumbing to the bureaucracy and stagnation that can emerge as organisations scale. The company maintains an agile, entrepreneurial spirit where innovation is encouraged at all levels. Regular training ensures staff continuously expand their skills as the digital landscape evolves.

Kasim Javed, Founder and CEO, sees no limit to Creative Marketing’s potential for growth: “We are always pushing boundaries and looking for new ways to drive results for our clients. While we celebrate each milestone, our ambitions reach far beyond. Acquiring Media Orb gets us one step closer to becoming the top digital marketing agency in the UK.”

This relentless growth benefits clients by providing access to ever-expanding skill sets, capabilities, and experience while retaining the high level of service that has defined Creative Marketing since its inception. The company’s commitment to balancing growth with accountability makes it a lower-risk, higher-reward partner for any business looking to expand its online presence.

Moving forward, Media Orb clients can expect business as usual, plus access to Creative Marketing’s expanded capabilities over time. The complete integration of operations, branding and culture is targeted for Q1 2024.

About Creative Marketing

Creative Marketing (NW) Ltd is a digital marketing agency based in Rochdale, Greater Manchester. Founded in 2017 by Kasim Javed, the data-driven agency focuses on SEO, paid media, web analytics and strategic consulting. Creative Marketing serves over 200 clients, from SMEs to enterprise companies across the UK.

About Media Orb

Founded in 2010, Media Orb builds custom websites optimised for SEO and usability, providing web design, development, and support services to SMBs in retail, professional services, manufacturing, and non-profit. They mainly work with small businesses, providing a bespoke service at an affordable price.

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