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Top 20 TikTok Agencies in the UK (2024)

It was a hit, but it took off around 2020 when the Covid pandemic hit. People suddenly had a lot of time on their hands, so they would download, create and make viral videos for the world to see whilst locked down in their homes. 

A presence on this platform is a must, as this is the new way to connect with other influencers, work with brands and become famous fast. 

But how do you get a viral hit on Tiktok? That’s where using Tiktok agencies will help—designed to give you results and expertise that will provide you with a TikTok career that will last and not just be a one-hit wonder!

How Do You Find The Best TikTok Agency? 

TikTok constantly evolves, developing new features and tools to create the best content possible. 

So you need to find an agency that will help you navigate these features, teach you the best way to use the newest trends, and learn how to drive audiences’ consumer behaviours into excellent performing campaigns. 

When looking for the best TikTok agency to work with, there are various things to look out for when doing your research.

  • Track Record – Checking that the agency you want to work with can do what they say it can. It would be best if you looked out for Case Studies. Case Studies will allow you to see exactly how they have improved performance for others and what they could do for you.
  • Experience – Checking their overall experience is essential to pick the best agency. If they need more experience, how will they help you? You need an agency that can give you evidence of extensive knowledge of TikTok marketing and how they improve your channel. 
  • Core Services – Every good TikTok agency will offer core services to give you a better experience. Keep a look out for agencies with specialists in particular areas because they take pride in their expertise and what they offer.
  • Costs – What you need to watch out for is finding an agency that will keep your budget in mind and work with you rather than finding ways to add hidden costs.
  • Consultation – Asking agencies how long they will consult you for and whether it is free will give you insight into how good or not the agency is. It is a green light if they give you an hour of free consultation. If they want an X amount deposit & only give you 30 minutes of their time, that is a big red flag. 
  • Collaboration – Make sure to ask what collaboration tools your chosen agency uses. Collaboration tools such as Zoom and Slack are great ways to stay connected and build long-lasting relationships. 
  • Reporting – When picking an agency, ensure they are giving you a plan on how they plan to report your campaign, as this shows organisation and determination for success on your part.

Top 20 TikTok Agencies of 2022

Here is a comprehensive list of all the best TikTok agencies with your best interests at heart and will help you gain traffic, popularity and, ultimately, a career.

  1. Creative Marketing (NW) Ltd. 

    Creative Marketing
    Top 20 TikTok Agencies of 2022OK, so…this may seem biased, but we have the best TikTok video marketing services available. We wouldn’t put ourselves number one if we didn’t think so! 

    Our video marketing process consists of creating an effective strategy, as any good video marketing agency should. To do this, we will need to sit down with you and determine where your business is present, your marketing objectives, and how we can use video marketing to help you achieve these goals.

    We ensure distinct stages are completed to make sure you are getting the most out of us and the service that we provide:

    Video Production –  The video production stage is an essential aspect of the video marketing process, which requires that we put the ideas we’ve come up with to life. This is where our creativity is exhibited, and our created content will grab your target audience’s attention.

    Video Editing – Once the content has been sourced, your video must be effectively edited. We have quality video editors to ensure your vision is executed. Our goal is to create a video that will leave an impression in the minds of your target audience while providing quality editing.

    Promotional Videos – We help create promotional videos that effectively create awareness about your brand. These videos are catchy and tailored to get your audience’s attention and prompt action, whether by following you on social media, visiting your site, or patronising your business.

    Animation Videos and Motion Graphics Incorporating animated videos to help elaborate product specifications more easily and motion graphics are necessary to make your video stand out. If you want an edge, then animation could be the answer to your video qualms.

    Video Search Optimisation – A good campaign also incorporates technical aspects of video marketing so that your video can be found by your selected audience through specific search queries online. This would mean ensuring part of our video marketing services that we effectively implement video search optimisation by using video-related keyword phrases so that it’s visible in search engines.

    Along with all of these services, we ensure that all of our content and social media marketing is covered by our specialists, who will work with you to define objectives and develop a strategy through blogger outreach, PR and creative content marketing. 

    We can confidently say that, when working with us, we are sure to provide the following:

    • Research 
    • Audit and Analysis 
    • Execution
    • Measurement 

    All of this will be provided within a modest budget that will work for you and not against you, as we want to ensure you are getting precisely what you need for a budget you can afford.

     2. MoBurst 

    Top 20 TikTok Agencies of 2022Moburst was established in 2013 and provides a wide range of services, including social media management, social search, and influencer marketing. They have a group of experts and strategists who will make briefs, handle reporting, and do everything else.

    They recently added a network of over 400 creators, or “Army of Creators,” as they have affectionately referred to them. These creators are skilled at producing authentic content for TikTok, even though they will not post the content on their TikTok channel but on your brand’s account. They know every nuance and best practice of TikTok inside and out.

    Therefore, you can supplement your content by utilising Moburst’s creator network and influencer marketing. You can cut costs by not having to pay for the number of followers and repurposing content created by TikTok influencers.

    3. The Shelf 

    The Shelf
    Top 20 TikTok Agencies of 2022A lot has changed since The Shelf debuted a decade ago. It started as a sale-alert app called “The Shopping Elf,” which later became “Shelf.” They decided to keep the name after rebuilding the platform to become an influencer discovery engine a year later.

    Their creatives, analysts, and strategists collaborate with influencers to create campaigns from start to finish. They’ll help you find the best person to bring your creative idea, inspired by storytelling, to life. For instance, they developed a campaign for Sweet Defeat with 18 influencers distributed across numerous platforms, including TikTok. The TikTok of one influencer received more than 24,000 views!

    But you don’t have to believe everything they say. Their campaign monitoring dashboard lets customers view their real-time data in complete transparency.

    4. NeoReach 

    Top 20 TikTok Agencies of 2022Neoreach manages the entire influencer campaign process. Campaign strategy and direction, creative brief creation, sourcing and scheduling influencers, negotiating influencer contracts, content licensing and compliance, influencer payments, and in-depth reporting and insights are all steps. For purposes of future activations, they maintain ongoing relationships.

    Netflix is one of Neoreach’s TikTok customers. For the third season of Cobra Kai, they decided to expand their influencer marketing efforts to TikTok. Netflix was looking for creators who could take their creative content to the next level and appeal to a wide range of viewers. The Neoreach team has created a comprehensive database called Tikscore to track the TikTokers.

    5. House of Marketers

    House Of Marketers
    Top 20 TikTok Agencies of 2022House of Marketers is an influencer marketing agency exclusively focused on Tiktok. They can provide their clients with campaigns driven by results because of their narrow focus. They have collaborated with significant companies like KFC, Apple Music, Western Union, Red Bull, Hilton, and Groupon.

    A senior team with more than 20 years of experience in influencer marketing is assisting the young company in driving growth. Additionally, they have employees from all major continents and a global presence. As a result, they can help international brands reach audiences targeted explicitly in their communities.

    6. The Influencer Marketing Factory 

    The Influencer Marketing Factory
    Top 20 TikTok Agencies of 2022The Influencer Marketing Factory serves as both a resource for industry education and an influencer marketing agency. It covers Instagram, YouTube, Twitch, and TikTok—the visual channels geared toward young people—in its capacity as an agency.

    They begin by focusing on your intended audience, including current and potential clients. They match your target audience with relevant TikTok influencers after determining their appearance (assuming that it fits the general TikTok demographic).

    After that, The Influencer Marketing Factory collaborates with the influencers to produce the most valuable content for your intended audience.

    7. Socially Powerful

    Socially Powerful
    Top 20 TikTok Agencies of 2022Socially Powerful describes itself as a global social and marketing agency. They are experts in social strategy and TikTok influencer marketing. By combining creativity and data, they deliver precisely aligned content to meet business objectives and resonate with their client target audience.

    To ensure that they block fake influencers, followers, and accounts, combat fake engagement and performance, and discover the influencers nobody else knows about first, Socially Powerful employs best-in-class technology—owned and partnered—to monitor influencers’ performance and audience data.

    8. Zorka Agency

    Top 20 TikTok Agencies of 2022According to their website, they can collaborate with any influencer on any platform, from TikTok to Twitch. Through TikTok and in-app networks, for instance, they assisted Autu.ru in attracting new users to their app and increasing their retention rate. The outcome was one million installs! They achieved the same results for Galaxy Chat on TikTok and several other platforms.

    One advantage of working with Zorka is that the agency’s in-house creative studio can produce visual content following your specifications. Additionally, they can assist with page moderation. Therefore, their managers can keep an eye on the situation and communicate with their audience if responding to comments becomes too overwhelming.

    They’ve also won a few awards thanks to their performance. They were named one of the best digital strategy agencies by Clutch in 2020, and they won the Innovation Award at the Global Content Awards for their influencer marketing chatbots for a mobile game.

    9. Stargazer

    Top 20 TikTok Agencies of 2022Stargazer, established in 2016, aims to produce branded content with a wide range of influencers. According to their website, they accomplish this by combining storytelling and technology.

    They will take care of everything, from identification to tracking and reporting. They can also produce branded content you can license on your advertising channels.

    Using a multiplatform campaign on TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram, for instance, they assisted the dating app SweetPea in acquiring new users. They could get more than 100,000 views on the app on TikTok.

    10. SugarFree

    Top 20 TikTok Agencies of 2022They not only run campaigns with TikTok influencers, but they have also run an influencer campaign for TikTok, assisting in the company’s launch in Europe and the United States.

    SugarFree’s goal is to make influencer marketing easy. Working together, they are a diverse group of marketing professionals, experts in social media, talented creators, and data analysts. They create authentic, data-driven campaigns that get to the heart and soul of the brand story and integrate their team with their clients to ensure proactive, real-time communication.

    They have a massive network of the best creators who trust them. They have been thoroughly vetted as influencers and have a track record of success.

    11. Sociably

    Top 20 TikTok Agencies of 2022Socially focuses on developing luxury influencer marketing campaigns. When they have clients who are targeting the younger end of that market, they collaborate with TikTok influencers. They know that TikTok has over 500 million monthly users in 154 nations and is one of the most downloaded apps on the App Store and Google Play.

    Sociably comprehends the subtleties and nuances that characterise the luxury market, as well as the significance of heritage, craftsmanship and the profile of discerning customers. 

    They believe their knowledge of the luxury industry and prior experience working in it sets Sociably apart from other agencies. They handle all aspects of influencer marketing campaigns, from strategy and casting to posting management and campaign-end results.

    12. OK COOL

    OK Cool
    Top 20 TikTok Agencies of 2022OK COOL jokes that they are TikTok UK’s first and second employees. When TikTok began to gain popularity in the West, the agency was the primary creative partner of the platform. OK COOL is the creative agency for TikTok. They are familiar with the ins and outs of TikTok marketing and have already assisted major brands in creating and owning their TikTok channels.

    Creative strategy, live stream production, paid ads, talent management, creator engagement, content production, and campaign activations are among their TikTok marketing services. OK COOL provides a wide range of digital marketing services, including social media consulting, creative and content production, digital experience production (including NFT activations), and paid social media implementations, in addition to being masters of TikTok marketing.

    13. EngageHub 

    Engage Hub
    Top 20 TikTok Agencies of 2022ou can check out Engage Hub if you want to introduce a new product or improve an existing one in your line. They are all about creating and implementing product-focused campaigns for their clients, and they have offices in England and Ireland. They worked with HD Brows, MasterCard, H&M, and Russel Hobbs. For instance, HD Brows used a branded hashtag to celebrate the brand’s first birthday by utilising the most prominent UK TikTok beauty influencers. Content in which influencers demonstrated to their followers how to use their HD Brow Glue was encouraged.

    You can also check out their podcast if you want to learn more about TikTok marketing but have yet to quite ready to launch your new product. The world’s first podcast devoted to TikTok marketing is The Tok Show, powered by Engage Hub.

    14. Upluence

    Top 20 TikTok