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Top 20 Fashion Marketing Agencies in the UK (2024)

The fashion industry is not all glamorous and decadent as you may expect it to be. In fact, the sector is fast paced, driven and extremely cutthroat so choosing the right marketing agency for your brand is not just nice to have, but a necessity.

In the UK alone, the fashion industry is set to be worth £60.1 billion by the end of 2022. Whether it’s high-end designers or fast-fashion brands, the industry is highly competitive for everyone.

The cost-of-living crisis in the UK, and reduced spending across the global economy, represent a need for fashion brands to invest more wisely in their marketing efforts. With 44% of British consumers saying they expect to spend less on clothing in the next 12 months, the statistics speak for themselves.

At Creative Marketing Ltd, support for fashion brands is just one of the many areas in which we excel thanks to our team of forward-thinking marketing and design professionals. Which fashion marketing agencies can you rely on to elevate your brand in 2022? Here is our list of the top choices.


What should a top-quality marketing agency be able to do for a fashion brand?

Just like marketing for any other industry, product, or service, when you choose the right agency to support you, your fashion brand should
flourish. We believe that a sensational fashion marketing agency should be able to do the following:

  • Profile both your current and target audiences to ensure brand consumers are turned into paying customers.
  • Create viral and unique campaigns which show your brand is at the forefront of the fashion industry.
  • Pitch the brand so that consumers feel that they need the products, not just that they want them.
  • Ensure that the fashion brand experiences peak traffic at the start of every season or in line with new launches.
  • Introduce the fashion brand to influencers and industry professionals to ensure its legitimacy continues to increase over time.

What criteria should I be looking for when selecting a fashion marketing agency?

It is all too easy to be impressed by flashy websites or carefully crafted messaging. We, however, think that the fashion brands should instead place their chosen marketing agency using the following criteria:

  1. A proven track record of working with similar brands – Whilst a high-quality marketing agency should be able to apply its skills to any project, it is important to check for case studies of brands that are related to your industry.

If not available, you can also ask to see case studies that show how an agency has submerged itself into a new sector with good results. Either way, proven experience is key.

  1. Experience – We also recommend that you choose an agency which has been established for at least a few years as this pay’s a testament to their success levels. Whilst we support all fellow marketing agencies, new and old, the length of business is a
    true sign of how well-received a marketing agency is.
  1. Core services which cover all areas of the marketing mix – Marketing is a diverse task that requires lots of different skills to create professional and striking campaigns. Our own core services represent that our team consists of paid advertising, organic, copywriting, digital, design and strategic professionals which every client has full access to work with.

If you choose an agency that only specialises in one area, you may end up either missing out on vital elements or paying more for additional

  1. Budget-suitable services – We always encourage our prospective clients to be completely transparent with the budgets that they must ensure expectations and reality are matched. Make certain your chosen marketing agency of choice is financially
    compatible with your own financial standings.

There is nothing worse than a brilliant campaign that has only been half-executed as the money couldn’t be placed behind it. We would rather a company ran an amazing smaller campaign as for us, results are what matters.

  1. Agencies should offer a full consultation service – You should always ask an agency how much consultation time they offer. This is because conversations around aims, objectives and outcomes are essential for achieving successful marketing campaigns.

  1. Collaboration tools should be available and matched to the way that your business works – Ongoing communications are also essential, especially in the fast-moving world of marketing and PR. When looking to place an agency, you should also find out what collaboration tools they use such as Zoom, Slack or Asana.

Our own approach is founded on transparency which is why we hold this as one of the top criteria that you should be looking for.

  1. Honest reporting should always be provided – The success of marketing campaigns can be reported on in multiple ways, so you should always obtain a view of how your prospective agency handles reporting before you enter a partnership.

This should include measuring data ROI’s, consumer qualitative feedback, and competitor profiling to ensure you understand how marketing campaigns are performing even if you have no knowledge of the task yourself.

If you want to find out more about our criteria and how Creative Marketing Ltd meets all these needs, do contact us.

Top 20 Fashion Marketing Agencies of 2022

Creative Fashion Marketing Agencies

Creative fashion marketing agencies should be able to inject innovation and flare into your campaigns to satisfy all components of the marketing mix.

1. Creative Marketing Ltd

Creative Marketing

We are confident in placing our own digital marketing agency within this list as creative marketing is what we do best! For us, the term creative has many meanings. The most important of which is a dynamic way of approaching marketing campaigns in a way that benefits both the brand and the desired consumers. Meeting everyone’s needs can be complex, but not when you take a creative approach to things. Thinking outside of the box is what gets out team jumping out of bed with huge smiles on their faces every morning.

Design services are of course essential within fashion brand marketing as an image is what ultimately sells. If your graphics and visual representation do not align with the look of your products, your brand will likely not be a success.

As well as having a team which specialises in branding and identity, we also offer graphic design services and full website design to ensure every element of a business looks the part. We also combine this with a strategic intent to guarantee that the design side of things resonates with your consumers on an emotional level.

Paid advertising is also an intrinsic part of creative marketing, in our view, as being able to stand out online is the goal, right? By combing our professional design with paid advertising insights, we can create converting campaigns that are unique.

Consumers averagely spend 415.5 minutes online each day. This means that it is becoming increasingly hard for fashion brands to stand out. Our campaigns combine consumer psychology awareness and digital trends to ensure standout paid advertising that offers a high yield for fashion companies.

Social media is not just nice to have, but essential if a fashion brand wants to build meaningful connections with its consumers. Given the world of social media influencers and user-generated content, we know just how important a strong social presence is.

Our services include social strategy, influencer marketing, social paid advertising, social tiles, and organic social content including stories and reels. By having skills in all areas of social media, our agency is well-equipped to create every aspect of viral fashion campaigns including the design, messaging, call to action, and reporting.

SEO may not be the first part of creative marketing that springs to mind, but let us tell you, it really matters! You could have an amazing original creative campaign but if you do not have a strong presence online, it won’t be seen by the people who matter, your consumers.

By combining a diverse plethora of creative marketing tools with technical know-how to ensure campaigns are successful, we can cover every aspect of marketing for fashion brands of all sizes.

Creative in name and nature, we love working with fashion brands as they exude the same dynamic approach to marketing that we do. Whether it’s a high-end editorial image design that will sell a new collection or a viral digital campaign that offers incredible return on investment, at Creative Marketing, we do it all.

2. Folk

Folk are a creative content and commercial company that specialise in working with fashion brands. They have made our list as their campaigns are truly imaginative, combining various marketing methods which result in high-impact promotions.

Having worked with big names including Kelly Hoppen Interiors, Jo Malone, Sivvi, and Yeon, they are highly respected within the industry. They also offer services that cover every element of a creative campaign including social media, eCommerce optimisation, influencer marketing, creative design, and brand strategy.

3. Divisa


If you believe that the future is digital, just like us, you will not be surprised that creative digital agency Divisa has made our list.

Known for its marketing design and campaign executions, this youthful agency exudes creative flair from the moment you click on its exciting website. Their case studies show that they have a history of creative strong campaigns as well as social testimonials.

To bring all their skills together, the company offers a ready-made fashion brand-building programme with options for both newly launched and established brands.

4. Not


Launched back in 2015, Not studio brings together editorial fashion photography will full campaign execution allowing fashion brands to have all their creative tasks completed by one agency.

The high level of photography is what has made this agency stand out for us as it is unique to combine this skill with marketing support. The company also brings campaigns to life in creative and innovative ways using video marketing, organic and paid content, strategic direction, branding and design, digital marketing, and Shopify website management.

PR Fashion Marketing Agencies

PR is an important component of marketing to get right as this is one of the many ways that brands are delivered to consumers. With the right fashion marketing agency by your side, you can reach global audiences with ease.

5. Label PR

Label PR

We have chosen Label PR for our list as the diverse brands list that they cover is impressive, to say the least. Ranging from outdoor brand Regatta to footwear brand Moda in Pelle, their creative and modern approach to PR gets their clients noticed for all of the right reasons.

Their strategic understanding also makes them unique and ideal for working with fashion brands that need to stand out from the rest.



As one of the legacy companies on our list, BPCM