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Why You Need to Invest in Long-term SEO?

What is SEO?

SEO, or search engine optimisation, is the process of improving your website’s organic traffic and ranking on search engines, namely Google, but also other search engines like Bing.

Creating high-quality content, ensuring it contains targeted keywords and placing the content strategically on the website so that search engines understand it in a particular way are all part of an SEO campaign. Technical site audits to increase your site health score as much as possible as well as a strategic link building campaign to improve the overall referral traffic and domain authority are all activities part of a managed SEO service.

Do I need an SEO agency in the UK to be competitive?

Our advice is yes. As both a local SEO agency and a national one, we have seen first-hand from our client success stories how important it is to have professional SEO support. You can bring in help from anywhere and anyone. Still, we think that having a complete handle on trends within the region that you are targeting is essential for remaining competitive and creating conversions from your SEO content. The benefits also include getting ahead of your brand competitors and successfully learning more about your customers to strengthen future activities. Unless you have the luxury of having an SEO expert in-house, we recommend bringing in a local SEO company to support you.

What does an SEO agency do?

An SEO agency undertakes various tedious tasks related to your website such as fixing site audit issues like duplicate tags, missing H1 tags, fixing broken links etc. It then builds a content strategy based on a core set of keywords that have been selected, after in-depth research based on keyword difficulty and search volume. Finally, it drives a link building strategy to increase your backlinks to improve the overall domain authority of your website. The areas that your business stands to benefit from include:

Increased search volume: Within 4 months you will start seeing an increase in organic search traffic which should be leading to more conversions on your website.

Brand awareness: SEO will help you discover traffic from a new and diverse set of sources resulting in new users. The longer you do SEO for, the more longevity your business will have in the search engine as it will be capturing new search traffic constantly.

Reduce dependency on paid ads: Your proportion of traffic should be 50%+ in organic search volume, 10% direct, 25% referral and 15% paid traffic. If you’re relying on 60%+ of paid traffic, then you’re not only massively missing out on search traffic, but you’re building a complete dependency on paid ads. This means, the day you can’t afford to spend in paid ads, your business will most likely become completely irrelevant online.

Increased market share: It’s simple; if you don’t invest in SEO, your competitors are reaping the rewards of doing so by ranking for the most important keywords in your business. If you want to stay relevant in your sector online and give other competitors a run for their money, partnering with a UK SEO agency like Creative Marketing (NW) Ltd is critical.

What is long-term SEO needed?

The fact is that SEO takes time and consistency is key. If you are not prepared to invest in a long-term strategy, your SEO plan quickly becomes outdated. You can expect to see short-term results within a few months, including improving domain scores, rankings within specific keyword searches, and more organic traffic to content such as blogs and articles. Longer-term results can take as long as a year to be achieved, and they include aspects such as regularity within rankings, appearing within the top three pages on all search engines for key terms, and less need for paid ads to balance the traffic sources. Our goal to be the best SEO agency in the UK is underpinned by our experience in creating long-term relationships with brands and being able to showcase results at every stage of the SEO journey.

How is long-term SEO achieved?

As an expert SEO agency in Manchester, we have tried and tested many different formulas for getting things spot on. We, therefore, recommend a mix of the below service to set up your long-term plan successfully:

Copywriting: Content has many purposes. It needs to explain your products or service, appeal to consumers, highlight your USPs, and act technically to bring people to your website. Understanding your keywords and constantly working to create competitive content is essential to your long-term plans. This also does not mean having to create new articles every week once you have started to see results. Instead, a balance of new content with re-worked and strengthened content will allow you to balance resources whilst improving search engine strength.

Link Building: Getting other websites to link to yours is the main goal of link building. Having lots of people linked to your website is a signal to Google that your website is authentic and a good source for content. Links will help to boost your domain authority and generate referred traffic as well as help improve your SERPs.

Technical Site Audits: The quality of the infrastructure of your website and its usability is critical to SEO. Quality technical SEO helps Google to easily find your content. Some of the priorities for technical SEO include improving page speed, scheme markup and mobile friendliness.

On-Site Content: Content is not just about text on the page but also meta-descriptions and titles. By ensuring that every aspect, including images, videos, and titles, is optimised, you can achieve long-term visibility within desired results.

How much does a UK SEO agency cost?

SEO costs can vary depending on the services that you have chosen. You should expect to pay some retainer when you have found an agency that suits you as a long-term relationship is recommended. Just like anything within the digital marketing world, experts do cost more but will, at the same time, be more likely to get you the results that you need. When investing in SEO, you should also expect to pay more at the start of your project as the initial website work, audits, and content creation needed to flood your keyword with relevant content takes more time. Once you see results, you will naturally find your business getting into more of a rhythm, and costs will reflect that.

How to choose an e-commerce SEO agency near me  

Just like choosing an agency for any other digital marketing service, you should also check that they have experience either working with companies of your size or within relevant sectors. SEO services can also differ from complete hands-on approaches to top-level support, so you should consider what level of help your company needs to be based on the in-house resource.

We think working style is, of course, super important. SEO projects will require lots of interactions, so you need to know that whoever you place can transition seamlessly to effectively being another team member.

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