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You don’t need a big budget for video marketing

People love to consume video. In fact, HubSpot research found that 45% of people watch an hour or more of video a day. It is already widely accepted that video is growing without pause and is a powerful way to reach your audience, so why not take full advantage of the opportunity to improve lead generation, capture emails and encourage engagement?

Some companies panic when thinking about video marketing. “It seems expensive!” But actually, all companies can take advantage of video marketing in a cost-effective way. You don’t need to spend £10,000 to create a TV advertisement. You only need around £100-£500 to create a short lead generation video. People love to consume short, condensed video content that doesn’t take up a lot of their time and there are ways you can streamline your video marketing within your budget.

Here’s how your company can get started with video marketing within your budget.

1. Create a buyer persona

A buyer persona is a customer profile that contains specific information about your target audience, helping you understand who they are and what they want, so you can craft a content plan that meets their needs.

Collect the following information about your target audience:

  • Age
  • Location
  • Interests
  • Job title
  • Biggest challenges or pain points
  • Buying behaviours

To collect this information, ask your existing customers to tell you about themselves using a survey or questionnaire. Then, study the audience of your competitors to see what pain points they have during their buyer’s journey. Also, take the time to search relevant hashtags and trending topics on social media to find the questions that people in your industry are asking to identify what they’re having trouble with. This gives you an opportunity to provide them with the answers they’re looking for.

2. Build a target keyword list

Use a tool like Google “Keyword Ideas” to conduct keyword research so that you can boost your SEO by using the keywords in your video content.  Pay attention to keywords that have low competition, and stick to long-tail keywords, since they make up 70% of web searches and have a lower cost per click.

3. Write a short script

Write a brief script with the key messages you want to project and ensure it contains some of your targeted keywords. By having your script ready, you can easily get faster quotes and speed up the video production process. Here at Creative Video Solutions, we can wrap up your video within 3 days if you have a script ready. We can also propose a script for you, using your “About us” page and then send it you for review. Once approved, we can immediately organise a professional voice actor and start creating the video.

4. Share, Share and Share

Now that you have your final video, the real work begins. Build a PPC strategy to promote your video on Google Adwords, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. Ensure that the caption is short and contains a clear call to action. Share the video in your mailing lists, especially to your existing client base to remind them of your company and to show off your latest brand projection techniques.

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