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Copywriting is the lifeblood of any successful modern brand, and it is important to develop some of the best copywriting strategies you can in order to improve your company and how it comes across. There are so many different areas in which you can implement copywriting in a way that improves your company, and elevates your marketing strategy. 

When you are looking to make the best possible decisions for the future of the brand, you need to focus on content. Being able to craft professional, compelling, and interesting copy is essential for generating interest and helping keep people informed about your brand. 

It is important to help make a mark as a modern company, and to think about what you can do to stand out from the competition. Copywriting is essential for helping form the story and narrative of your business, and our range of stunning services can help with this. At Creative Marketing, we have a team of cutting-edge copywriters who love nothing more than to revitalise and transform your brand through the power of words.

Why You Should Work With Us

With years of experience understanding of the UK and UAE markets, we are uniquely positioned to help fulfill all your copywriting needs. Our writers can weave a web of words that will showcase the very best qualities of your business, and present them in a way that is accessible, engaging, and informative. A picture may paint a thousand words, but this doesn’t mean it can capture imaginations quite like words can. 

We have a strong, talented, and reliable team of world-class copywriters on hand to take your business to the next level. Copywriting is a core part of the business marketing process, and needs to play a key role in any campaigns and strategies you develop. In order to benefit your business, you need to have the right words behind you, and this is where we come in.

What Design Services We Offer

There are a range of copywriting services we offer, and each will be tailored to the specific needs and requirements of your brand. Our bespoke copy is essential for breathing new life into your website, blog posts, white papers, press releases, long-form articles, social media posts, and more. Here is a list of the copywriting services we at Creative Marketing can offer you:

Blog Writing

Blog posts are hugely powerful and important these days, and it is essential to try to make sure your business is publishing blogs that are informative, engaging, and up to date, with a finger in the pulse of the changing market, and this is why we can provide you with.

General Copywriting

General copywriting services are essential for improving things like website copy, landing pages, social media posts, and more. Our general copywriting services cover an entire scope of different needs and requirements for you as a business, and we can help to transform things for you.

Lead Gen Copy

When you are trying to find leads for your business, copywriting is one of the best ways of being able to achieve this. Our copywriters will ensure you have content that ticks all of the necessary boxes, making you an authority on your chosen field. Being able to attract prospects to your website and convert them into paying customers is something our lead gen copy can help with.

Press Release Copy

Press releases are a key way of being able to keep people appraised about changes and updates within your business, in a professional and concise manner. Our team of trailblazing PR content writers can create compelling and engaging content that will help you boost your products or services. 70% of UK adults interact with branded content marketing each month, and this is why press releases are so important.

Product Descriptions

If you want to sell more products you have to wax lyrical about how great they are, and how they can improve the customers’ lives. This is why you need our team of product description writers to help provide accurate information, and positively influence customer buying decisions in the process.

Our Copywriting Service Costs

So why choose us? Well, not only do we have a team of hugely talented and experienced copywriting rock stars to help electrify your copy across all areas of the business, we also offer affordable rates in the process too. The market average for copywriting services can range from £800-£2,000 per day for senior copywriters, but our team can offer a significantly more affordable rate.

Being able to benefit from our lower rates, without having to compromise on the quality of the service you are going to get, is really important for long-term business success. This is why it is important to try to make sure you get in touch with us and make sure you make the most of our copywriting service costs to get exactly what your business needs.

Delivery Times

One of the best reasons to work with us is that we offer incredibly fast and appealing delivery times. At Creative Marketing, we understand that time is money, and is the biggest commodity you have in business, so you need to be able to benefit from quick delivery. We offer super fast turnaround times, typically providing completed projects within a 7-10 day timeframe, and this is going to be hugely beneficial for your business moving forward. 

Being able to secure the services you need within the fastest possible time is, of course, the dream scenario for any business. But, it is essential that you are also getting the best quality service too, and this is what we can provide you with. Get in touch with us right now to help make the most of this, and try to focus on some of the key ideas that will help you here.

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