Video Editing

Hotel Walktru is a video review website for leading hotels in the United Arab Emirates. We had the pleasure of providing our video editing services for the hotel video reviews.

Tight Deadlines

We have demonstrated our ability to work with close deadlines due to the nature of the client’s requirements, which are a fast turnaround time between filming in the UAE and publishing on the platform.

Promotional Video

We are also in the process of producing a promotional video for the website.


Days of Work
Videos Edited

ABOUT HOTEL WALKTRU believes choosing the right hotel should be a simple process. We are a growing team of experts, based in the UK, who travel worldwide to view top class hotels and video our findings. Through the power of video, we capture hotels at their finest, showing real rooms with high levels of luxury, impressive restaurants, spas and other amenities. More importantly, by viewing our videos, what you see is what you get. This truly unique video experience will bring the hotels into your home.

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