Our Task

Write Manage is a management software application that allows content creators and media companies to manage all of their writers around the world. The software centralises and  allows the manager to monitor the status of each article/blog by multiple writers. Our task was to produce the brand identity, software and market the application.

Design and Implementation

We had the privilege of planning, designing, developing and launching this application. The software has been very successful.

Team Management

This project meant that we had to collaborate and manage multiple roles including a designer, software developer and digital marketer..


Days of Work


Never lose track of your writers again

Our tool was built by a YouTuber who faced the problem of managing all of his different script writers. It became time consuming to use different applications and communication methods. Write Manage was born to solve the problem of managing multiple writers.

Purpose Built Tool

Unlike other tools which can become overwhelming to keep on top off, Write Manage has one specific purpose – to easily manage articles in progress from multiple writers.

Writers can select your list of titles

Our system is easy. You add your titles for your next article, blog or script. Writers then choose the articles and upload once ready.

Simple, easy to use and convenient

With a clean dashboard you can see an overview of all the articles, writers and the status of each. You can be sure that our tool will solve the inconvenience of referring to emails and word documents.

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