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Blog posts are a fantastic way to demonstrate thought leadership to prospects and customers. A great blog post can pull in thousands of visitors per month, exposing your business to highly targeted visitors, and there is no better way to rank on Google or increase your website's authority. However, lacklustre blog posts can devalue your brand and turn prospects away. Our blog writers will ensure your posts are relevant and perfectly written to maximise ROI.

What are blog posts?

Engage With Your Audience

Blog posts are articles published on your company blog. They aim to create an engaging website for your brand that attracts prospects and customers, establishes you as a thought leader and instils brand confidence.

The trouble is that most businesses have no idea what to blog about, and when they do, they fail to consider the purpose of their posts.

A blog’s purpose is to connect you to your audience, boost traffic and leads, and enrich your customer experience to promote brand loyalty.

Make It Unique

You cannot do this with sales blog posts, articles about recent events you attended, or industry news. You need helpful guides, how-to articles, unique listicles, tips posts, interviews, unique statistics and industry insight.

Your challenge is finding topical expertise among a sea of generic copywriters. Thankfully, you are here, and we have experts in nearly every topic.

Increase Your Leads

Research shows that 90% of marketers use blogging as part of their strategy, and brands with blogs earn 67% more leads than those that don’t.

Additionally, companies that blog get 55% more visitors and 97% more inbound links than those that don’t. Simply, blogging is one of the best online activities you can invest in – the potential ROI is enormous!

Blog Writing

Why does your business need our blog writing service?

Outsourcing your blog writing to our experts ensures consistent quality and high-level topical expertise. We will write to your specified tone of voice and produce blog posts that are the best in your industry. 

You also have to consider your time. If you’re a business owner, you shouldn’t spend your time writing blog posts in front of a computer – you should be out there running your business, growing sales, and capitalising on opportunities.

We will produce blog posts that capture your audience’s attention and increase engagement on social media. Over time, as we populate your blog with high-quality content, you will also pull hundreds of visitors in by ranking in Google.

Don’t make the mistake of buying cheap blog posts and throwing anything on your blog to keep it updated – focusing on quality rather than quantity is better. We deliver blog posts you can be proud of for an affordable price.

Lastly, consider what your competitors are doing with their blogs. Are they killing it with excellent blog posts? If so, you are losing customers to them. You need to compete, and our blog writing service is the best way to do that.

Four ways your business will benefit from blog posts


Google rankings

Google rewards high-quality content by including it in its search results. Alongside our SEO service, your blogs will attract highly targeted visitors.


Something to share

Stop sharing other people’s articles and share your own – we will create blog posts you are proud to share on social media platforms.


Increase sales
and leads

Blog posts put your website in front of more people, and prospects who read your articles are more likely to enter the sales funnel.


Long-term value

Blog posts attract visitors long after they are published. So-called ‘evergreen’ content is the best way to grow your website traffic over time.

Our Process

Our process starts with keyword and topical research to create a list of the best blog post ideas for your business. We will work with you to refine this list, creating a content calendar in Asana so everything is structured.

After picking topics, our writers get to work creating a headline and outline for the post and reviewing the best articles that rank on Google.

Your articles will be written from scratch by our talented writers, who we’ll pick based on topical expertise. We have writers specialising in all topics, including engineering, automotive, fashion, healthcare and lifestyle.

Here’s how our creative process works:


We produce a brief for each blog post outlining the basic structure, key points, must-includes, keywords and editorial guidelines. This gives our writers a basic understanding of what the post should look like.


Our writers get to work creating your articles using the brief as an outline, improvising in real-time taking cues from the best articles online. All research is fact-checked, with a single blog post taking around three hours to produce.


Blogs are edited as they are written in Grammarly, and we give all blogs a final proof with the Read Aloud feature in Word. We perform post-writing edits to refine sentences, ensuring that your blog posts are perfect.


We can publish your blog posts for you or hand over the reins. The benefit to our publication service is the SEO metadata and formatting is done for you, and it only costs a little extra but will save you a heap of time.

Why choose Creative Marketing (NW) Ltd for this service?

As a branding agency, we have helped a vast selection of large clients succeed in digital marketing. Including Bespoke plates, Premier Inn At Home, I-Sells and many more businesses. We provide efficient, complete and spotless service. Proven by our 100 percent satisfaction rate, verified by Google, Yell and Trust Pilot. We are an established and highly recommended company, based in Rochdale and all our work is done in-house.

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Blog writing FAQs

Will my blogs be unique?

Your blog posts will be 100% unique with a plagiarism guarantee. We write every sentence ourselves and always link to sources for quotes and statistics to ensure everything you publish is appropriately attributed. We use the Grammarly Premium plagiarism checker, but you are welcome to test our writing with another tool.

How often should I blog?

Most businesses should blog at least once weekly; however, quality is more important than quantity. Don’t fall into publishing blog posts to meet a quota – one high-quality article is better than two mediocre ones. Blogging twice per week is more than enough because it gives you time to share those articles and let your readers digest them.

How long should a blog post be?

Generally, blog posts should be at least 400 words, but long-form blog posts can easily exceed 1,000 words. It has been proven repeatedly that lengthier content ranks better on Google, but that doesn’t mean padding out a 500-word article – it means writing a detailed article with lots of substance.

What types of blog posts are best?

We see excellent engagement rates with how-to guides, listicles, tutorials, explainers and opinion posts (the more controversial, the better). Most businesses can create guides and listicles that are helpful for prospects and customers, and we will review your industry to see what content works for your competitors to create topics.

What is your blogging style?

We write concise, easily digestible content that delivers information quickly. We shun jargon, fluff and long paragraphs because people have short attention spans. Most people scan content for headings and keywords (some also CTRL + F), so we ensure all blog posts are packed with headings, blogs, italics and scannable elements.

What makes a successful blog?

All successful blogs have things in common like high-quality content consistently delivering value. The best blogs do not publish mediocre articles or soundbites; they create in-depth, helpful content that benefits people’s lives. Relevance, authority, and excellent writing are a few elements that make a blog successful.

Why should I outsource blog posts?

Outsourcing your blog posts will free up your time, assure content quality, and help you reach a higher percentage of your audience. Your time is better spent elsewhere, and we provide a high-quality, affordable outsourcing solution. Plus, you can work with our talented team of writers to hone your blogging efforts.

Is blogging the same as content marketing?

Blogging and content marketing are not the same, but they are linked. Blogging is a marketing tool that sits within content marketing, focused on publishing content on your blog. Content marketing involves producing and promoting all content, including blog posts, infographics and YouTube videos.

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