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Lead generation is the art of attracting prospects to your website and nurturing them into customers. The machine behind this process is lead gen copy – content that delivers deep value. For example, someone looking at running shoes might have several retailers to choose from, but an in-depth guide on those shoes could convince them to spend their money with you. Successful lead gen copy makes your brand the authority on the topic. Our copywriters will ensure your content ticks all the boxes.

What is lead gen copy?

Critical Role

Lead gen copy is the content published on webpages and articles that play a critical role in the whole lead generation funnel.

At the bottom of the funnel, we have lead magnets like downloadable content and opt-in newsletters which capture customer contact details.

Lead Generation

We find educational and informative content like articles and how-to guides in the middle of the funnel. This content bridges high-level concepts and your product’s value to customers, indirectly establishing value and trust.

Customer Experience

At the top of the funnel, we have web pages and articles that seal the deal, establishing the actual value of your products/services with persuasive writing, social proof, reviews, and squeeze pages that endlessly scroll with information.

Lead gen copy is crucial to your online success because it creates a customer experience you can control. 73% of successful businesses nurture subscribers, audiences, or leads with content across the sales funnel.

Lead Generation

Why do you need us to create lead gen copy?

Lead gen copywriting is a specialist job that requires a deep understanding of customer behaviour. It isn’t enough to be a good writer – you need to know how to connect with human beings and create content that delivers value.

Additionally, you need a content plan, and there is no way to create this adequately other than performing in-depth research into your customer journey. We will do this for you, creating a content strategy built to deliver results.

The truth is that low-quality and misdirected lead gen copy could cost your business tens of thousands of pounds in sales. It is not worth doing it yourself unless you are a specialist in lead generation and have the time to create it.

Our lead gen experts will craft fantastic content that fuels your lead generation machine, helping grow your presence and sales online.

We conduct audience research and create customer-centric content that engages people and establishes you as an authority. Your competitors will lose out on sales to you because you appear to be a higher-quality outfit.

One of our favourite ways to fuel lead generation is by researching competitors and seeing what works for them. We then replicate their efforts with even better quality, ensuring you stand out and have a better platform for success.

How you will benefit from lead gen copy


Get more leads

Lead gen copy nurtures prospects across your sales funnel, creating deep connections that inspire people to do business with you.


Increase lead quality

Lead gen copy clarifies your brand value and ensures prospects have the information they need to buy.


Build visibility

Lead gen copy ranks spectacularly well on Google and gets shared, making it perfect for increasing brand visibility.


Increase revenue

Turn more visitors into prospects and more prospects into customers with a website that nurtures people and inspires them to convert.

How our creative process works

Understanding your customer journey is crucial to creating lead-gen copy that converts. We must identify the experiences your customers go through when interacting with your company so that we can publish content in the right places.

The research stage includes creating buyer personas, identifying motivations and pain points, and reviewing analytics and traffic sources. The aim is to create a roadmap to help us cover every touchpoint and influence customer behaviour.

We have in-house lead generation experts and sales copywriters who work closely together to create content roadmaps. Your lead gen strategy will include a content plan, with writing overseen by experienced marketers.

Here’s how our creative process works:


We get to know your customers and business model, figuring out what types of lead gen content will have the most significant impact. It could be that you need a few landing pages, or you might need lead-gen content across the sales funnel.


After specifying the lead gen content you need, we will book your orders into the studio for production. Our writers then take over, producing original content that addresses the needs and wants of your customers to boost sales.


After writing your lead gen copy, our editors will proof and refine it. We will then deliver your lead gen copy via Asana, Slack, or any other project management app you prefer. You can then request revisions if you have any.


We offer a publication service for all lead gen copy, including page creation, formatting, and SEO metadata. Letting our experts create your pages will ensure they are perfectly formatted and optimised for Google.

Why choose Creative Marketing (NW) Ltd for this service?

As a branding agency, we have helped a vast selection of large clients succeed in digital marketing. Including Bespoke plates, Premier Inn At Home, I-Sells and many more businesses. We provide efficient, complete and spotless service. Proven by our 100 percent satisfaction rate, verified by Google, Yell and Trust Pilot. We are an established and highly recommended company, based in Rochdale and all our work is done in-house.

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Lead gen copy FAQs

What is the difference between lead gen copy and sales copy?

Although lead gen copy generates sales indirectly, it doesn’t sell. Lead generation is about how a lead is made, with content that finds potential customers and nurtures them, hopefully turning them into customers. Meanwhile, sales copy is written to sway consumers into taking specific actions.

Why is lead generation important?

Lead generation pulls targeted visitors into your website, helping increase high-quality traffic. It does this by existing where your customers spend time, like social media, forums, magazines and Google. Without lead generation, your company will struggle to attract new customers and have fewer sales opportunities.

What defines good lead gen copy?

Good lead gen copy has perfectly placed/timed opt-in opportunities, a clear structure, an understanding of the target audience, and high shareability. The copy should encourage people to spend time on your site and bring people back to your website. We can measure the effectiveness of lead gen copy in Google Analytics.

Will my lead gen copy be unique?

Your content will be 100% unique and exclusive to your company. We produce all content in-house with strict editorial controls. All our writing is checked for plagiarism in Grammarly Premium, and we always link to sources. You are welcome to test for plagiarism using a reputable plagiarism tool like Copyscape.

Will lead gen copy give me an ROI?

Lead gen copy has the highest ROI potential of any content type. We can measure the success of lead gen content in Google Analytics, tracking visitor sessions to see which pages lead to a purchase or enquiry. A good lead generation rate is 5% per landing page, meaning you get over two conversions per fifty visitors.

How much input will I have to provide?

We conduct all research for you, so your input is minimal. All you need to do is sign off the topics, and we’ll do the rest. Alternatively, you can take a more active role and perform research to provide unique insight into your customers. We are also happy working with the research you have already collected.

Can I request revisions?

Our copywriters are experts in producing lead gen copy, but we’re happy to oblige should you want anything changing. Less than 1 in 10 pages we write need revising, so the chances of you needing it are low. If you want additional content not part of the brief added to your pages post-production, we can produce it at the normal rate.

What industries is lead gen copy suitable for?

Lead gen copy is suitable for B2C and B2B markets and non-profits. Any company or organisation wanting to attract enquiries, leads, sales, donations, or anything else will benefit from a lead generation strategy fuelled by amazing copy. Feel free to contact us for a chat anytime about what lead generation can do for you.

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