Product Descriptions

Product descriptions are the most important content on your e-commerce store because they are responsible for influencing people to buy and play a critical SEO role. Accurate product descriptions give users all the information they need to make an informed purchase and reduce returns. Insufficient product descriptions lead to users abandoning products, so why take the chance? Let our writers nail them for you.

What are product descriptions?

Desired Information

Product descriptions are a form of marketing copy that describe the products people are interested in buying. Research shows that they are the most desired information consumers seek out ahead of reviews and images.

Sell Products

The primary role of product descriptions is to sell products off the page so that the reader is compelled to purchase them. The key is providing all the information users need without overburdening them with loads of words.

Our research shows that concise, informational product descriptions perform best. Consumers are more informed than ever, so the faster you can deliver the information they need, the better their perception of your shop.

Original Content

Business owners’ biggest mistake is copying product descriptions from manufacturers and suppliers. This lack of originality puts you on equal standing with every other company doing it and destroys SEO. High-quality, original product descriptions are the best investment you can make for your e-commerce store.

Why should you let us write your product descriptions?

The product descriptions we write are proven to sell and boost conversions. We consider the semantics behind customer interest, including what problems your products solve and what solutions your customers want. 

Our writers go further than others, crafting product descriptions that build rapport and enrich the buyer experience. We recognise we are selling to people, so our approach is to create an emotional connection with lasting value.

Regardless of your industry or what you are selling, we are confident in creating product descriptions that outsell the competition.

We ensure that all essential information is within your product descriptions with concise, easily digestible sentences. Our primary goal is to confirm to users that the product you are selling – and your shop – is the best thing for them.

Our advice is simple – if you want your e-commerce store to do well, you need professional product descriptions to convince people to buy.

How will you benefit from our services?


Beat the

Your product descriptions will be 100% original and written by our in-house sales copy experts to maximise conversions and time on site.



Unique product descriptions are SEO essentials, with content structure and keyword density playing a critical role in rankings.


Rocket conversions

Your product descriptions will have a high conversion rate, giving customers everything they need to make an informed purchase.


Accuracy guarantee

Inaccurate product descriptions could cost you thousands in returns, so it’s good to know we guarantee the accuracy of your descriptions.

How we write awesome product descriptions

We sell solutions, not products. Most customers are looking for solutions to problems, be it a streak-free paintbrush or a pain-reducing back brace.

Recognising the problems your products solve is our speciality, giving us an edge when writing sales copy. We write descriptions that sell solutions to customers, addressing the intent and purpose behind their visits.

Simply put, we elicit gratification from your product descriptions by not beating around the bush. Specifications become features, features become benefits and giving your customers a tangible reason to buy is key to our success.

Here’s how our creative process works:


We will sit down and discuss your requirements, including the scope of your project and the format your product descriptions should take. We will recommend a templated structure so that each description covers all the basics.


Our writers will get to work researching your products and market, including the competitors who are selling well. We will use these as inspiration, drawing up a structure for your descriptions that beats the competition.

Writing and editing

We will get to work producing your product descriptions. Most product descriptions are between 150 and 300 words; the minimum you should have is 150 words, which is enough scope for us to include important information.


If you are having your website built by us, it makes sense for us to upload your product descriptions so that everything is properly formatted. Otherwise, we can upload them to your existing website or hand over the content to you.

Why should you choose us?

Our ability to scale content production without dropping the quality hat is unequalled – we can produce hundreds of product descriptions within a few weeks, perfectly edited, proofed and ready to go with no further revisions.

We recognise the critical role your product descriptions play in the success of your online store, so we will assign our best sales copywriters to your project. You can expect brilliantly written content your customers will love.

Because we are a full-service digital agency, we also have SEO and conversion rate optimisation experts who work alongside our copywriters to maximise content ROI. If all that sounds good, we’d love to have you.

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Product description FAQs

Are product descriptions important?

Product descriptions are the first and sometimes the last impression people get of your e-commerce store. They are critical to helping customers make informed purchasing decisions and make your website look professional. Creatively mentioning product features and benefits compels people to buy them.

Why is copying product descriptions bad?

Copying product descriptions guarantees your product pages will never rank in Google or perform well in PPC. Google wants 100% original content written to a high standard, so you must hire a professional. Additionally, copied product descriptions give customers no reason to buy from you over anyone else.

How long should product descriptions be?

This mostly depends on the product and the layout of your website. If you sell complicated software plans, you need more words than a shop selling flip-flops. Most of the product descriptions we write are between 150 and 300 words, but some e-commerce shops get better results with longer descriptions.

Will my product descriptions be 100% unique?

Yes, your content will be 100% unique. We guarantee the originality of all the product descriptions we write and welcome using plagiarism checkers to test us. Our in-house writers will produce your content, so we fully control the creative process. We will link to any sources for quotes and statistics.

Will you follow our tone of voice?

If you work with our branding experts to develop a tone of voice, we are the perfect people to write your product descriptions. We are also happy to follow a tone of voice document created internally or by another agency, and your product descriptions will be consistent across all categories.

Do you use any AI writing tools?

We do not use AI writing tools, content scrapers, spinning tools or software to write content. We only use Grammarly and the Hemingway Editor, which help us refine sentences for conciseness. We have tested AI writing tools, which do not provide the quality or expertise we demand.

Are you happy to use our preferred collaboration apps?

We use Asana and Slack internally, but we can also use Trello or deliver your content via email or Google Drive/Workspace. Most customers use Asana or Slack because it’s how we manage projects. Feel free to request that we use your preferred collaboration app if it makes life easier.

What is your revision policy?

We are happy to provide free revisions if we miss the brief. You have the final say on all content, and we will undertake edits quickly. Your satisfaction is our guarantee, and we will do all we can to get your product descriptions right. If you want revisions that are outside of the brief, we can discuss a discounted rate.

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