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A graphic design agency can be the difference between your brand, product, or service, either making a significant impact or missing the mark. This is because design is about more than just the look of a piece of content. Design agencies work hard to seamlessly integrate your strategy, messaging, culture, and personality into the visuals representing your company for maximum ongoing impact.

What is a print design service?

Ideas Brought To Life

Our design agency will bring your ideas to life in a striking and unique visual format that will attract consumers and intimidate competitors. Supported by a team of talented designers, a graphic design agency can create all the assets you could need to support marketing and sales operations. We offer full graphic design services for any purpose including print material such as banners, exhibition materials, business cards, flyers, literature, posters, business stationery as well as digital design including social media content, display ad banners, website design and more.

Target Audience

We ensure that any graphic design agency work we do for you appeals to your target audience through the clever use of branding, colour psychology, subliminal messaging, and various other marketing techniques. Put simply; our graphic design agency ensures that your message is interpreted by the intended audience and not bypassed in favour of something more striking by using quality design techniques.

Why does your business need Graphic Design services?

Did you know people can remember 65% of visual information 3 days later, and only 10% of written content. Utilising graphic design for your business whether it is online or offline is a must to get your message across.

Our professional graphic design agency services may come to handy in various parts of your business beyond advertising. You can improve your client onboarding, sales pitches, pitch decks as well as employee training material. Our team of strategists and brilliant designers work directly with you to ensure that your brand identity and guidelines are seamlessly laced throughout all your company both internally and for public consumption.

Hiring graphic designers in-house can also be a costly exercise and they may not always be needed. By outsourcing your design requirements to us, you are able to make huge savings and also use as and when required.

Once your company has a graphic design agency like us on tap, the possibilities for improving your brand are endless. We can redesign your website, social media, business stationary and support any of your graphic design requirements.

Four ways your business will benefit


Competitive Advantage

Having a quality image that represents you across both print and digital platforms will help you stay ahead of the competition. Unique and informative print designs can be used to easily share messaging, attract consumer attention, and showcase multiple facets of your business with just one method.


Your Brand

As well as creating assets that can visually improve your brand awareness, a specialist image will build trust and legitimacy. Whether you are looking to stand out in a consumer market or be competitive within a B2B field, the right print design will support you in many ways.


Use Across
Various Platforms

A marketing agency, such as our own, is equipped to help you expertly distribute your visuals across all different platforms for the most significant impact. The strategy does not just relate to the created content but how it is used and the data you can derive from it to impact future operations.



With consumer attention not always guaranteed, it is essential to create content that will ensure your brand message comes across within a short space of time. Design agencies work hard to combine a streamlined image with detailed messaging for maximum interpretation by different audiences.

Our Processes


To get started on creating your brand-new graphics, we set a meeting to go through your objectives, brand messaging requirements, and the look that you are hoping for. This is known as our ideation phase. If you already have brand guidelines in place, we can discuss these, and if not, we are happy to take this away as an action to work through.


Our graphic designers will create concept artwork based on your brief and design guidelines. Input is essential, and we always want to make sure you are happy, so at this time, we will encourage any feedback and provide our design rationale in full detail.


We will then work through any modifications, giving you another opportunity to confirm your thoughts and to make sure you are pleased with your product. At this stage, we are happy to create in proof-of-concept format so you can also visualise how your new design will be used. 


Once signed off, we will provide artwork to you that is ready to use instantly. Everything will be ready to work with, whether it is an infographic for use on socials, an event banner, or even a digital ad.

Why choose Creative Marketing (NW) Ltd for this service?

As a design agency Manchester-based, at Creative Marketing (NW) Ltd, we are supported by an extensive team of talented designers whose success stories can be found here. We are proud to have a brilliant client feedback record, with a 100% satisfaction rating representing our team’s talents as a leading graphic design agency in Manchester. We work swiftly at pace and always include you every step of the way to ensure clear communication and happy clients.

Our Case Studies

Print Design FAQs

How can you choose the best graphic design agency?

Like choosing a marketing agency to support your other business initiatives, selecting a graphic design agency is impacted by several factors. Reviewing feedback, portfolios, and case studies is an excellent way to understand the different types of companies your prospective agency has worked with.

What do graphic design agencies charge?

Graphic design agencies have different pricing models. Some charge by the hour with hourly rates ranging between £20-£40 per hour and others charge a fixed price based on each design project case by case. In our design agency we tend to work with clients on a graphic design retainer to meet your ongoing design requirements throughout the year. We agree one flat fee per month to cover all your design requests including revisions.

What if I don’t like my design?

Graphic Design is subjective; we understand that. When working with clients, our goal as a trusted marketing agency in the UK is to ensure this does not happen! With plenty of scoping exercises, feedback options along the way, and strategy tied into every decision, we are sure this will not be the case. We also offer unlimited revision requests so you can be sure you will be 100% satisfied.

What if I have more than one set of amends?

Client feedback and amends are essential to getting to the end goal. Although we prefer one main feedback phase, we can take any amends into account throughout the design process and actively encourage open communication. You also do not have to be a graphic design expert to hear your voice, as only you know your product and service best.

What format will my creatives be provided in?

Depending on the type of graphic design requirements you have and how you plan to utilise them such as publishing on social media or your website, we will provide all your design assets in any format required.

Do you provide graphic design print services?

No, we do not offer product printing but will provide all graphics to you in a print-ready format. This means you can then simply print it yourself or share it with your provider for instant results. We can help to refer good printing companies we’ve used before and provide them all your graphic design assets directly to them.

Why is it important to be strategic with my graphi designing?

By cleverly weaving together your visual identity with brand strategy, a creative design company can help you achieve clear ROI and KPIs through the professional execution of campaigns. Whether competing in a lively digital market or looking for more traditional forms of collateral, incorporating strategy into your content helps you act more reactively when it comes to shifts in customer behaviour and last-minute changes.

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