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Our landing page design agency service offers a complete and eye-catching page to stand out from competitors and bring high conversion rates. A thorough and creative process, with your company having plenty of say, we tailor the landing page to suit any company and provide an effective and inspiring landing page.

What is a landing page?


A landing page is a standalone webpage designed specifically for a marketing or advertising campaign. It is where your visitors would “land” after they click on a link from your paid advertising or email campaigns. Unlike other pages on your website that have many objectives and encourage exploration, landing pages have a single focus known as a call to action (CTA). The average landing page conversion rate across all industries is 9.7%.

Call To Action

The call to action can be something like “Buy Now”, “Get a quote,” “Sign up our newsletter” or whatever your conversion objective is. This focus makes landing pages the best option for increasing your conversion rates and reducing your cost of acquisition.

Single Focus

Users aren’t confused by the myriad of links, like on a regular web page, which can distract visitors from the call to action. Other web pages have a plethora of options to click through, whereas with a landing page, a single focus is in mind. Having one call to action link provides users with a simple way to reach you, Allowing for higher conversion rates due to this increased lone focus.

Why does your business need a landing page?

Large websites often remain overwhelming and tough to navigate for a visitor. They simply aren’t as effective as landing pages when it comes to making sales. With a larger website having multiple links, visitors will often click through different links and find themselves not on the page where you want them to be.

Compared to a landing page, which usually has a solo link on it, users will click the one link which can direct them straight to your service or product you’re selling. Providing a vast increase in leads and sales. Landing pages are highly beneficial, as they prove to increase conversions for your business, which in turn means more money for your business.

If you want to improve your conversion rates, a stellar landing page is a must, and we are the experts at providing you with a striking page to entice customers.

Four ways your business will benefit



Conversions equal more customers, more customers equal more money. This is the vital reason a landing page remains beneficial. The average landing page conversion rate across all industries is 9.7 percent, with most sites stating that a conversion rate of between two and five percent is good. Having a landing page remains a key way to generating more conversions.


Expand Potential

Using landing pages allows for acquisition of constant leads which can be turned into future conversions. Roughly 68 percent of B2B companies use landing pages to generate leads. Often with heavy content-driven websites that offer a lot of services, the visitor can easily get lost and turn away. However, those leads can be easily collected when visitors are directed to your landing page.



Often businesses will have multiple landing pages which allows for higher ranks when users search. Virtually nobody goes onto the second and third pages of searches, so ranking high is vital. Owning three or four landing pages is vastly more effective for search engine discovery.


Better Customer

Clicking through an array of links can prove frustrating for visitors, potentially making them click off your website and you losing future customers. Especially when these visitors are sometimes older and not well versed on technology, owning a simple landing page with one call to action link will provide a simpler and stress-free experience for all visitors. Generating more customers for your business.

Our Processes


To start off, we’ll hold a discovery call about your brand. What it is, what the goal is for your brand, advertising campaigns and how we’re going to achieve these goals. We value constant communication, so we know what you want, allowing for us to provide the best possible service for your company.

Competitor and Market Research

Following the consultation call, we thoroughly research and comb through all your competitors to allow us to gain a better understanding of what you’re competing with. We then get a clear picture on the industry you’re in and gather enough research to know how to set you apart from all potential competitors.


With the rigorous research complete, our specialists work hard to produce a stunning landing page design with eye catching visuals for your webpage to entice visitors. There will of course be plenty of opportunity to request revisions to ensure the landing page is perfect.


Once the webpage is approved, we will ensure that conversion tracking is properly setup on your page so you can accurately track conversions. You can then use the landing page as your destination link in your advertising campaigns. Check out our Google Ads management and other PPC services to see how we can help grow your business.

Why choose Creative Marketing (NW) Ltd for this service?

As a branding agency, we have helped a vast selection of large clients succeed in digital marketing. Including Bespoke plates, Premier Inn At Home, I-Sells and many more businesses. We provide efficient, complete and spotless service. Proven by our 100 percent satisfaction rate, verified by Google, Yell and Trust Pilot. We are an established and highly recommended company, based in Rochdale and all our work is done in-house.

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Landing Page FAQs

What is your pricing?

Please contact us, or schedule a call so we can learn more about your needs and requirements so we can provide you accurate costings.

Are landing pages bad for SEO?

No, often they provide better SEO than a regular web page. Landing pages focus targeted keywords on a lone page, allowing you to rank higher in searches and increase the clicks to your products or services.

Why should I use a landing page instead of a web page?

Landing pages offer a simple way to improve conversion rates whatever your business objective whether to increase sales, collect leads or grow your mailing list. Usually one link appears on your landing page which increases conversions due to visitors not having a multitude of links to click through in order to get to your product or service.

Will I be able to have input on the process?

Certainly, we value clear communication during the entire process. We will offer plenty of opportunities for your company to have its say on the creative process. We’re happy to cater to what you want for your brand. You can provide feedback at any time to our team during the entire process.

What if I don’t like the page you produce?

We love getting everything right first time round, however we understand this can’t always happen. Sometimes changes need to be made. We’ll provide you with our input, backed by the research we’ve done, on why we’ve decided on certain aspects for your page. However we are happy to revisit anything you’re unhappy with and correct it for your business.

Why is a landing page important for my business?

The most important part to any business is generating sales. The best way of doing this is generating conversions to your product or service. A landing page offers a simple and effective way to direct customers to wherever you want, with a single call to action link. Whilst also generating leads and contacts for your business to produce potential future purchases.

Why not have multiple links on a landing page?

Links offer visitors the opportunity to go to other places other than the desired destination. Providing one link allows for zero confusion and a simple process to get users to your goal. The fewer number of clicks a visitor has to go through to get what they need, the higher your conversion rate.

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