What are Pitch Decks?

Pitch Decks are professional presentations that entrepreneurs and businesses use to provide a streamlined but informative overview of their company or startup to potential investors, such as venture capitalists or angel investors.


Our pitch decks design agency can help you present your pitch or story in a way that helps your audience stay engaged and remain super impressed. Whilst it can be tempting to flood slides with all available content, this is not the best way to deliver a message. Did you know that only 58% Of successful Pitch Decks include financial slides? Our team of marketing experts can help you decipher what is needed and how it can be presented in the most impactful manner.


The process of creating pitches helps you professionalise your message by highlighting key points in easy-to-deliver methods. At our pitch deck design agency, we can support you with all stages of designing your pitch deck including strategy, document creation, delivery support, and post-presentation services to support your wide marketing needs.
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Why do I need a Pitch Decks Agency?

A solid pitch deck will ensure your company stands out in investor meetings, sales tenders, and product development briefings. Whatever the business objective, the purpose is always the same; to display succinct messaging in a legible format which answers the questions from the prospective audience.

Given the competitive nature of many industries, it is important that when pitching, your brand is best represented. The professional business environment expects high-quality marketing materials that lend themselves to a sleek, wider portfolio of content.

It can also be hard to manage this process in-house, as when you are working closely on a project, it can be difficult to interpret what information makes the biggest impression. We, therefore, recommend choosing a professional pitch deck agency, such as our own, to provide you with the external feedback, strategy links, and quality design that your business deserves.

Our four step process to create you a killer pitch deck


Align with
your strategy

Professional pitch designing ensures that your strategic approach is not diluted when translated into presentation form. The thinking behind your pitch deck should be aligned to your business approach, which is why we recommend a branding ideation session before the project is started. The results of this session can be used to populate the messaging and visual presentation, which need to make an impact alone and, of course, go together hand in hand.


image ensured

Our team of talented designers will ensure you have a professional appearance. At Creative Marketing (NW) Ltd, our presentation deck design service considers branding, legibility, presentation tools, and your intended outcome. Not only does it mean your business-critical content is delivered in the best format, but it also represents your brand image and identity in a positive light.


Intended results
made achievable

When considering how to design pitch decks for success, you will be more likely to achieve better results as the outcome is woven into choices from the very start. By using innovative methods to translate your key points, the information is communicated without error and digested much quicker than if it was provided in a lengthy document. Our presentation design assistance ensures you achieve the intended outcome of your pitch.


Save your
business time

Structuring an effective presentation takes time. With many other business-critical items you could be working on, it is advisable to outsource this task. As well as having time to work on different aspects of your pitching process, you will also benefit from being able to have the mental clarity to focus on the fine detail whilst we sort out the design of your delivery piece.

Our Processes


Understanding the purpose of your presentation is incredibly important to achieving a successful pitch. To start the journey, hold a short consultation session so that we are both on the same page. The designers from Creative Marketing weave strategy into every aspect of operations.


Once we have agreed on the purpose and background of your presentation, we then work to refine the content that will be included and check in to ensure that all vital points are accounted for. A mistake that people often make is thinking that making something simple is just about the number of words used and that it is ok to combine multiple messages on one page. This activity has the opposite effect as the audience will need to spend time deciphering the content. A solid and successful pitch deck should have just one idea or point per slide, which is represented in just a few words and images.


The role of pitch deck designers is to put your message into a legible, perfectly formatted structure that manages to answer all questions and leave the audience wanting to find out more. For interest to be peaked, the presentation is vital. Too much text and data put people off and make for an unsightly presentation. You can provide supporting materials at different times, so it is essential to ensure only the most critical of points are included. Creative pitch deck methods mean you can use formats such as infographics and images to get your points across, so first of all, consider what is actually needed.

Concept and Publish

Once you have given us feedback on our concepts and designs, we will package the files for you so that you can simply open your pitch deck and present it for success. It is as simple as that.

Why choose Creative Marketing (NW) Ltd for this service?

Whilst it can be tempting to want to create the pitch deck yourself, our professional branding & design agency can help make it better. Since we deal with a lot of businesses from different sectors, we can share the best practice and guidance we have learnt from other pitches. Our aim at Creative Marketing (NW) Ltd is to offer the best pitch deck design service as we believe the task at hand requires the correct balance of strategy, creative inputs, and wider supporting activities. Why not check out our case studies to find out more about our amazing track record?

Our Case Studies

Pitch Deck FAQs

How much pitch deck design UK services cost?

How much you can expect to spend relates directly to the number of slides you need and the complexity of data you need to get across. Ranging anywhere from £250 to £1000 per presentation, a quality pitch deck is one of those investments that pays for itself through business gains and longevity in the resource. We are more than happy to discuss different budget options for your pitch deck needs.

Can you provide feedback and edits for an existing pitch deck as well as make new ones?

If you already have a pitch deck that you would like us to provide feedback on, we can do that with a cost that represents the work still needed to be done. As we have expertise within all areas of marketing, we are also able to provide inputs as to how your content will affect your broader operations which is vital within pitches as they often cover multiple functions.

How long will it take to see the first draft?

Of course, this depends on the complexity of your content, but we always look so to providing the first draft back to you within 7 working days. As this is a process that depends on feedback, we also like to ask questions whilst we are working on your project to ensure we are perfectly aligned with your content and what it represents.

Will my content be treated as confidential?

All data is classed as confidential and not shared with anyone. If you would like us to, we are more than happy to sign an NDA to support your project and can assure you that our track record as a trusted marketing agency in Manchester speaks for itself.

Can I edit my own content with the final file that you provide?

Absolutely, but our goal is for you not to have to worry about further updates. Of course, adding in new data and names etc is expected, but our graphic designers create each pitch deck with business longevity and different audience narratives in mind. All content will be provided in an editable format, but we would advise that we make any further design or imagery changes.

What format will my pitch deck be provided in?

Pitch decks are provided in pdf form, which means you can present straight from the document and also print easily when needed. We also choose this programme due to its compatibility with most systems, ensuring you are not stuck when it comes to setting up the pitch for the intended audience.

What content do I need to provide you with?

We will need full access to all data and content that you are looking to present. In order for our designers to be able to create beautiful designs, they need to be able to interpret all data. This allows them to choose various design forms and make recommendations for how to best deliver the content when presenting. Our aim is to make content concise, and to the point and allow you to immediately share the message in a short amount of time to ensure attention is maintained.

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