Google PPC Adwords Management

We create bespoke Google Adwords campaigns for clients by using a variety of creative and technical techniques. We specialise in developing successful strategies, even in the most competitive industries.

What is Google AdWords PPC?

Google AdWords is the popular advertising service offered millions of businesses depend on. It allows your website to appear at the top of Google’s search results irrespective of your organic search position.

PPC stands for pay-per-click, where you pay every time a user clicks on your advert. Google PPC is a great way to gain a lot of targeted traffic to your website and, with over 80% of all searching traffic going through Google, using a Google Adwords management agency is more important than ever before.

Google PPC Adwords

Why Does Your Business Need Google PPC?

Creative Marketing (NW) Ltd is proud to be a Google Adwords Partner and manages over £1M of ad spend. We’re a results-driven pay per click agency, always looking to improve our clients’ PPC endeavours to bring down the cost per acquisition and increase your return on ad spend (ROAS). We have years’ experience in PPC, which is why we are excited to share our knowledge with businesses in need of effective digital marketing.

All businesses need a paid search campaign if they are to compete with their competitors. Bidding for keywords and having your ads appear before theirs only improves your visibility and increases conversion rates. Your Google Ads campaign needs to be done correctly, though. Chasing the wrong keywords, for instance, can only cause you to waste money and time. This is why having an agency to do the legwork for you can be cost-effective in the long run.

How Does Our Google PPC Process Work?

First we spend time time to understand your business, your objectives, your competition and conduct in-depth keyword research. We also ensure that conversion tracking is properly setup on your Google analytics account and linked to your Google Ads account.

Next we setup a trial campaign with a small budget of £20 per day and continue to optimise and manage the campaign until we start to see conversions or conversion signals. It’s important to note that all campaigns begin with a data learning phase where Google builds data about your website and visitors.

Each week you will receive a report about your Google Ads performance which we build using Google Data studio. We carefully manage your cost per acquisition (CPA) and return on ad spend (ROAS).

Once we have around 30-60 conversions, we then review the overall profitability and pin down your cost per acquisition target based on a realistic review of your performance. We then scale the campaign and attempt to conquer the ads auction as fast as possible.

Keyword Research

To craft a successful PPC campaign, our Google PPC management company will conduct extensive research into your business, industry, competition, and keywords to ensure that the strategy we build for you is designed for success.

Trial Campaign

Once we have created your custom strategy, we start all advertising campaigns with a small trial budget of £20 to £50 per day, whilst the campaigns are in a learning phase.

PPC Analytics

We then assess the performance and pin down what you can realistically expect as your CPA and ROAS. We figure out ways to make it work such as exploring the possibility of increasing prices, products or making improvements to the conversion rates.

Grow & Scale

Once we have a consistent conversion acquisition cost based on your budget, we then work to scale your campaign by introducing new campaign types including retargeting campaigns and also segmenting campaigns based on keyword performance.

Ad Extensions

We use ad extensions to the fullest extent by incorporating site, call, location and image extensions which help to improve your click through rates.


We create compelling adverts using “power” keywords based on click psychology to maximise the potential click through-rate. We also ensure your landing page contains the relevant keywords.

Shopping Ads

If you run a eCommerce website, we immediately setup Google merchant centre and pull all your products into a shopping campaign as Google shopping is a powerful way to generate sales for your products with transactional intent based clicks.

Analyics & Reporting

We are data geeks by every sense of the word. The report we send you each week will be so detailed that it will blow your mind and contain every important metric that is relevant to your website and campaigns.

Google PPC Benefits

Creative Marketing (NW) Ltd has a wealth of experience in many industries. Our Google ads campaigns provides you with the ability to define your target audience. As with any campaign, knowing who you are appealing to will help your ads become more relevant to them. This could mean targeting your audience through geographical locations, age, gender, social demographics, and much more. We give our clients recommendations on the best Google ads campaign ad strategy which could be search engine text ads, Google shopping, native ads and display ads.

We have helped many clients succeeded in digital marketing such as Premier Inn At Home, Bespoke Plates, Workwear GlobalI Need A Mobile and more.

Deep PCC Understanding

Our PPC team members have many years worth of paid search experience each which gives them a deep understanding of PPC and how to get the most out of your paid search campaign.

PPC Strategy & Implementation

PPC planning and strategy is key to a successful paid search campaign. Once the PPC strategy is approved by the client our paid search team members implement the strategy with the help of our wider digital marketing teams.

Dedicated Account Manager

Each paid search client will work with a dedicated account manager who’s goal is to work with the client and the PPC team to meet all the campaign goals and objectives.

Strategic Reporting

We are dedicated to delivering long-term, sustainable results for a brand. We continually focus on performance and delivering ROI for your brand, which is why we analyse a campaign through detailed reporting – and we offer full transparency on our approach.

Our Google Adwords Management Process

1. Keyword Research

We thoroughly research your industry, competitors and target audience to deliver a Google ads strategy that works for your marketing objectives. We utilise our many years in paid marketing to deliver high ROI each month.

2. Trial Campaign

We believe in always starting small with a trial budget for your Google ppc campaign and then gradually increasing until we achieve an ideal cost per acquisition. By doing so, we can gain an insight into any existing performance and issues that could cause problems now or in the future once we scale.

3. Performance Review

We don’t believe in vanity metrics of impressions and clicks. Ultimately, we review the profitability of you Google PPC campaign. Only once it is working for you, then we build a rapid growth strategy.

4. Growth & Scale

We scale fast. We have many case studies where clients were spending £10-£20 on PPC in the first three weeks and then £100-£200 per day by month 2. This is because if your products/services have search demand, ultimately, we just need to yield that demand.

Google Adwords FAQs

What Is Adwords And How Does It Work

Google AdWords (now called Google Ads) is a pay-per-click online advertising platform that enables brands and businesses to create adverts and display them at the top of a search engines results page. It works by allowing businesses to target keywords they want their adverts to appear for, with the price varying depending on duration of advert and competitiveness of the keyword.

When Will I See Results From Using Google Adwords?

It’s very likely that business will see results on their adwords on the very first day they go live. However, this is dependent on the level of demand of those keywords. You advert should be present at the top of these search results almost instantly, but the effectiveness will be dependent on many factors. That’s why it’s important to plan your advertising campaign effectively with us to ensure that it works to its fullest potential.

What Is Cost Per Click?

Cost-per-click is a metric that is used to describe how much budget of a marketing campaign has gone into generating a click to the business’s website, be that organic or through a social media campaign. For your marketing to be as profitable as possible, it’s best to have lower cost-per-click than a high one.

What's Involved In Setting Up A Google Ads Campaign?

A lot! When we conduct our campaigns, we ensure that a robust and optimised strategy is in place, created after conducting extensive research into your business, industry, competition and demographic. We then implement the campaign after selecting the most relevant keywords for your business, incorporating it alongside awesome ad copy with strong call-to-actions. We also add extensions to the advert and track it throughout its lifetime to assess if it can be optimised further.

What Is Quality And How Can It Be Improved?

A quality score on AdWords is a metric that evaluates how good your advert is and how well it’s expected to perform. It uses factors such as the keywords used and the landing pages to generate a score between 1-10 as well as presenting expected click-through rate and ad relevance. A higher quality score can make the adverts cheaper and position better.

Is Google Adwords Right For My Business?

Absolutely. The vast majority of businesses, regardless of scale, will benefit from AdWords as it has potential to help you get seen for competitive keywords.

Why Should I Use Creative Marketing For Adwords

Because we know what we’re doing. We have been building optimised Google Ads for years and know the ins and outs of the service to help build the best ad for your brand.

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