PPC Audit Services - Google Adwords, Microsoft ads, Linkedin & Facebook

A PPC audit is a thorough investigation into your PPC account. The aim is to identify any areas where improvements could be made to boost the effectiveness of your PPC campaign. Every technical aspect of the account is checked to ensure that it is helping the campaign’s performance and not negatively influencing the results.

What is a PPC Audit?

A PPC audit is a thorough investigation into your PPC account. The aim is to identify any areas where improvements could be made to boost the effectiveness of your PPC campaign. Every technical aspect of the account is checked to ensure that it is helping the campaign’s performance and not negatively influencing the results.

Why Does Your Business Need a PPC Audit?

An AdWords audit should be a housekeeping exercise that you regularly schedule, but it is especially important if your PPC is not giving you the returns on your investment that you were expecting and is underperforming. You should also undertake a PPC account audit if one team member has been working on the account since its inception – it’s hard to see or be objective with your own errors.

How Does Our PPC Audit Process Work?

Undertaking a PPC account audit is a time-consuming but necessary exercise.

Every file and folder, tick box and drop down of your PPC account is audited – every option that you have can influence the success of your PPC campaign. We look over a large date range so that the statistics we work with are a true reflection of the PPC campaign as a whole, rather than giving a recent snapshot of your PPC.

Any recommendations that we make are metric based. Creative Marketing’s team of paid media and digital experts are skilled in PPC audit and are fluent in best practices for a successful PPC campaign. At the beginning of the audit process, we identify the metrics that are most important to the client: i.e. the audit goals. There is then a trackable goal that the PPC campaign can be directed to.

What Does a Good a PPC Audit Look Like?

Account structure

The structure defines the triggers for the ads and where and when they should be displayed. The campaign should consist of several ads that are populated with keywords – and all need to be relevant to each other and the landing page.

Campaign settings

These are often set on the first day the account was opened and never looked at again! The network settings should be set for either display or search – never both as this combines the metrics and renders them useless.

Time of the day & hour of the week analysis

By analysing the time of the day data, you can get a clear picture of when you should publish your ad. It also helps you to understand consumer behaviour and shape future campaigns.

Location analysis

A simple error of not identifying which locations are relevant to the regions you service can seriously impact your campaign’s success. Location analysis identifies where you need to prioritise your ads.

Device-based bidding analysis

Analysis will identify the effectiveness of your current mobile bids. This is essential as search engines are now putting mobile indexing first.

Conversion tracking analysis

Neglecting to track conversions or tracking incorrectly can cause you to miss out on data which could be used to boost your business.

Attribution model analysis

Clearly shows you which parts of your campaign are successful, and which parts need some attention.

AdWords scripting analysis

Tests the quality of your ads so that refinements can be made to increase their performance.

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Benefits of Using Creative Marketing for PPC Audit Services

Creative Marketing has a wealth of experience in many industries. We offer our clients full PPC auditing services which include the following advertising platforms, Google ads, Microsoft adverting, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter.

We have helped many clients succeeded in digital marketing such as Premier Inn At Home, Bespoke Plates, Escape Now, I-Sells, PPC Concrete Products, Workwear GlobalI Need A Mobile and more.

Deep PPC Understanding

Our PPC team members have many years worth of paid search experience each which gives them a deep understanding of PPC and how to get the most out of your paid search campaign.

PPC Strategy & Implementation

PPC planning and strategy is key to a successful paid search campaign. Once the PPC strategy is approved by the client our paid search team members implement the strategy with the help of our wider digital marketing teams.

Dedicated Account Manager

Each paid search client will work with a dedicated account manager who’s goal is to work with the client and the PPC team to meet all the campaign goals and objectives.

Strategic Reporting

We are dedicated to delivering long-term, sustainable results for a brand. We continually focus on performance and delivering ROI for your brand, which is why we analyse a campaign through detailed reporting – and we offer full transparency on our approach.

Our PPC Auditing Services Process

1. PPC Audit Planning

Your dedicated account manager will have a PPC audit discovery call with you to understand your requirements.

2. PPC Audit Execution

Our experienced PPC team will then conduct your PPC audit looking at basic to advanced technical PPC performance issues offering solutions and recommendations.

3. PPC Audit Presentation

Your PPC audit is complete and your account manager and PPC team will present their findings and recommendations to you via a excel document and either in person or over video conference.

4. Implementation

You may then require either our support to implement the PPC audit fixes and recommendations or complete the updates yourself with our PPC team support.

PPC Audit FAQs

What Is Involved In A PPC Audit?

A PPC audit is a thorough investigation into your PPC account to identify areas that can be improved to boost campaign effectiveness. Included with your PPC audit is an analysis of every file, folder, tick box and dropdown of your PPC account. This detailed look is what makes PPC auditing a time-consuming process, especially with how we use a wide array of data to give you a true representation of your entire campaign.

How Do I Know If I Need A PPC Audit?

You should audit your PPC accounts regularly regardless of performance. If you’re not getting the desired return of investment on your investments then that signifies that now is as good of a time as any to begin an audit. It’s also a good idea to conduct a PPC audit if a single employee has been working on the account for a long time, as it’s hard to sometimes spot your own mistakes.

What Is Adwords And How Does It Work?

Google AdWords is Google’s advertising system where businesses can pay for advertising spots on specific keywords. It works by having businesses bid on certain keywords which results in their adverts appearing at the top of the search results page, making it easier for them to find a active user base.

Is PPC Worth It?

Definitely! PPC is one of the best ways to generate qualify traffic to your site, allowing you to better attract users who are more likely to make a conversion.

Is SEO Or Adwords A Better Strategy To Rank In Google

Neither are better than the other. In fact, it’s recommended that both are used in conjunction to optimise your ranking.

What Is The Outcome Of Having A PPC Audit?

The desired outcome of a PPC audit is that areas that can be improved have been identified so that your business has a strategy into how to boost performance online. Every technical aspect of the account will be checked, with any negatively effecting influences removed.

Why Should I Use Creative Marketing

Because it’s what we do best. We have created a winning team of SEO specialists who’s expertise can help create an super effective and beneficial PPC audit that can actually be used to improve a brand.