What does an Infographic Design Agency do?

An infographic design agency can help you create a professional infographic for your data. Infographics offer a way to combine text, images, and charts in a simple-to-comprehend layout. Suitable for a whole host of business-supporting uses, including sales data, marketing materials, and customer decision-making, we help you bring your data to life.

Our designers are well versed in showcasing information in graphical displays that align with your branding and style. Using the power of design, strategy, and editorial tools, we can create striking designs unique to your business.

Our infographic design agency also offers much more than just the standard image and text layout, with our talented designers using the tools below to breathe energy and excitement into your infographics designs.

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Infographic Design Agency
Facebook Statistics Infographic

Why should your business be showcasing infographics?

There are many benefits to displaying your hard-earned data through infographic design, mainly because they provide you with a competitive advantage. Without a synthesized way of showcasing business data, you may not be able to get your message across.

Infographics are eye-catching, grab attention for longer, and are shareable content that can be woven into your social engagement and SEO strategies.

At our infographic design agency, we also think that this form of marketing exposure allows for a stronger call to action, which increases the chance of converting customers.

Infographics also enhance credibility and promote your brand as a professional knowledge leader within your industry.

If you’re looking for other design services, such as pitch decks or general branding checkout our wider brand services here.

Four ways your business operations will be improved with infographics


engagement rates

Messaging can be interpreted quickly and more successfully. You can condense long reports, engage audiences for longer, and enhance text-heavy messaging in an immersive way, allowing your content to gain stronger exposure. Infographics build relationships and promote your brand simultaneously, all whilst sharing vital content.


marketing assets

An infographic can be used across social media, website design, literature, and company presentations. Investing in one image allows you to gain assets for use on multiple platforms. Our infographic design agency can help you utilise the infographic in various ways including a video format.


Bring text
to life

Without visual illustrations, text-heavy documents and reports run the risk of not being read. With infographics, you can condense long text into a single page that provides an overview for prospective readers and shares the entire message for those who do not intend to engage further.


Ideal for
company training

Not just suitable for external customers and competitors, infographics offer a brilliant way to strengthen your company culture. They make messaging fun, can instantly represent your brand, and help with decision-making. Corporate pride is an important aspect to consider in the current working landscape and choosing an infographic to share messaging is a great way to instil this within teams.

Infographic Design Agency Process

Graphic design is a group effort. Don’t let anyone tell you it isn’t.

Just because you may not know how to construct a visual illustration doesn’t mean you don’t have a vital part to play in making it work for your company. Our designs work closely with you to combine your content’s creative and strategic aspects in four simple steps.


To start the journey, we set a meeting to go through the data you wish to use for your infographic and create a plan for the design after understanding your company’s wider branding and goals. We will also discuss how you can use it to maximise the traffic to your website and generate conversions.

Brief & Framework

We then build a brief with all the copy, stats, quotes, and anything that is to be covered in the infographics. Before we handover the design task to our professional designers, we will ensure your project manager has fully communicated and agreed your Infographic design brief.

Infographic Design

Our talented design then uses the brief as well as your brand guidelines to create a draft infographic design that feature various aspects, such as flowcharts, illustrations, and quotations. Our infographic design agency is flexible and happy to revise as many times as required.


Within one week, our agency will provide you with the finished artwork in all of the formats that you need. Ready to publish, you can instantly start using your brand-new infographic(s). We can provide you advice on how best to disseminate the infographic on your website, social media and to enhance your SEO. Checkout our managed SEO services to see how we can help utilise infographics for SEO.

Why should we choose your Infographic Design Agency?

At Creative Marketing (NW) Ltd, we specialise in combining strategy and design through powerful assets. Our experience as a full-service marketing agency sets us apart from the rest as we have specialists within our team that work in all areas of the marketing mix. Our designers are highly skilled with experience across both creative and strategic workflows. We are also trusted by instantly recognised brands, including Premier Inn, I-Sells, Bespoke Plates, Workwear Global and many more. We work with brands as a part of their team, considering what in-house company experts genuinely need and want. Our 100% satisfaction rate on Google, Yell, and Trust Pilot proves this. With all work done in-house but a team of UK-based experts, we offer you a service that can be tailored for your own needs as we understand that no two companies are the same.

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Infographic FAQs

Will my infographic align with my branding?

Of course. Whether you have detailed or loose brand guidelines, our designer will ensure brand continuity with your infographic. As well as ensuring messaging can be received quickly and easily, the purpose of an illustration like this is to represent your brand, so ensuring every aspect of your business is incorporated into the design is of paramount importance to us.

I am not a designer; how much input do I need to make?

We just need to know what information you need to be interpreted into the design, and our team will do the rest. You will receive wireframes and mock-ups for your approval, all supported by detailed explanations from our expert designers.

Can I change my design if I am unhappy?

Yes, you will have plenty of opportunities to provide all of your feedback during the mock-up process. We will not create any final artwork until you are 100% happy with your design.

How can you ensure that my design is bespoke?

As long as your branding is unique, then your infographic will be. Our agency prides itself on getting to know every aspect of our client’s business, which means we can weave authenticity into every part of your design.

How much does an Infographic cost?

Infographics take time to design and require a lot of creativity. On average it takes a full-day to design. Our design hourly rate is based on £40.00 per hour. As such the cost for an infographic including revision time and in the various formats required is £300.00 ex VAT.

How long will the entire process take?

From start to finish, we have on average a 5 working day turnaround for professional infographic designs.

What formats will my designs be delivered in?

We can provide your infographics in as many dimensions as required. We can advise the best format based on where you plan to use them. Normally we create one version for your web page and then another for appropriate social media formats.

Who can infographics be used to target?

Infographics are a powerful tool for B2B and B2C users, with vast targeting possibilities. Whoever your intended audience, we will create a compelling design that will gain interest and engagement.

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